Food and the City: WRITE FOR US Yum


Here's a question for you.. 

When you wake up, what's the first thing you think of? When you're traveling somewhere new, what's the first thing you look up? When your friends say they want to get together, what's the first thing you suggest? If your answer is food, then we should probably be best friends, but also - you should probably contribute to Food and the City.

Is there a restaurant in your city that you die for? Can you not even every time you go there? Do you make it mandatory that all of your friends *wait* until you get the perfect #gram shot? Maybe you're a #bawse in the kitchen, and you want to contribute one of your go-to, favorite recipes?

If so, I WANT YOU. Not like Uncle Sam, and also not like Selena Gomez. I want you to get in touch with me and tell me where or what makes your toes tingle and your heart flutter when you take a bite of it.

How does this work?

Email with an idea for your post. If it's a recipe, please thoroughly explain the process, and don't forget to include pictures! If it's a restaurant review, or restaurant roundup from your city, tell us why we NEED to go there right this second, and what you would or wouldn't recommend!

Always be sure to include bright, beautiful, food-porn-like photos that will bring your post alive. I want to see you #werk them filters.

By becoming a Food and the City contributor you are..

- Gaining exposure for your blog, life, Instagram fame, Twitter account, Myspace (lawlz), etc, through Food and the City readers and followers.

- Be featured across my social media channels in promoting your post.

- Helping your community find new places to try out, thus giving back to society, thus helping local businesses, thus creating jobs, thus Mel Rose for president?

- Contributing to a site that is dedicated to all things wonderful, therefore making the internet a wonderful place to be.

Send your draft to today! The approval process is super easy, and you'll hear back within 24 hours if it's a go!