Food and the City: How to spend the weekend leading up to Christmas Yum

December 22, 2017

How to spend the weekend leading up to Christmas

Christmas is less than 3 days away my friends, and if you haven’t already lost your mind, rest assured that there’s still plenty of time to have a mental breakdown. HAHAHA, JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING.



*rocks slowly in the corner*

My bank account doesn’t have a burning hole at the bottom of it and my emotional state isn’t in complete shambles or anything.

LOL, life’s good! I swear!

On a serious note, we tend to spend much of the holidays stressing over them instead of actually enjoying all of it.  What’s the point in wasting 3 hours on Pinterest on a quest to find the best donut recipe to make for your pals if you’re not going to eat a bunch of them yourself? What’s the point of recording every Christmas movie that comes on TV if you’re not actually going to sit down and watch them? What’s the point in pretending to be immersed  in the holidays if the joy that it brings is the last thing that you’re feeling?

Holiday shopping dictates most of this, because we put so much stress on trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones, we truly forget the magic that floats throughout the air this time of year.

With holiday travel upon us, office parties in full force, and everyone seemingly dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s before 2017 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to finally chill the hell out, drink that glass of eggnog that you hate (c’mon, nobody realllly likes eggnog) , and enjoy what’s left of the holiday season.

1)   First things first, get the big stuff out of the way. I’m a big believer in lists. I find that I get the most done if I have it written done somewhere. Something about checking it off as a completed tasks makes accomplishing it that more satisfying. Go over your list (& check it twice! Hahaha get it? Like Santa.) (I’m sorry) and make sure you’ve gotten all of the super important things out of the way before you begin the process of winding down. If you wind down first, it’s only that much harder to get back on the productivity train. Complete any and all work that you have left, do the dishes, finish wrapping the gifts, and gods sake please remember that you need to go buy a new roll of paper towels.

2)   Unplug, but stay in touch. It would be inaccurate to pretend like social media doesn’t completely take over our lives sometimes. I’ve been to parties, I’ve been to functions, and I’ve sat across the table from someone who had their nose deep into their phone while their finger scrolled away instead of  engaging with the person in front of them. I’ve been guilty of it myself, which is why I feel it’s safe to say that we all do it. We all do it without even realizing it, which is even scarier. While it’s fun to post that cute picture of you and bae wearing ugly sweaters, or standing in front of a 94ft tall Christmas Tree, sometimes unplugging altogether is the way to go in order to truly be in the moment. The reality isn’t as linear, because most of us still need social media to keep in contact with our loved ones or stay on top of the news. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of my favorite apps that I have on my phone is Baaz. I use Baaz to stream all of my feeds in one place, that way I don’t have to check a million different apps at once. It gives me the ability to engage with my audiences across every platform with the tap a send button, and also allows me to catch up on trending topics that I want to read about. It’s helped me to not only stay on top of the business side of things (i.e making it easier to post consistent content), but it’s also become the app I turn to first when I have a little down time, like riding the subway home. Before I arrive at my stop, I’ve updated my own channels AND read an article about why Harvey Weinstein is a piece of sh*t.

If you haven’t downloaded the Baaz app yet, I encourage you to do so, and then request me so we can be pals. It’ll be the perfect app to have on hand while spending time with your family, since you’re able to stay some-what unplugged while still remaining up to date on things!

3)   Take advantage of last-minute sales. I used to be a huge fan of black Friday before realizing that a lot of retailers tend to have the same sales (if not better ones!) the week leading up to Christmas. It’s because we don’t have a title for the occasion that these sales can easily go unnoticed, therefore many people believe they only have Black Friday or Cyber Monday to score great deals. False. So, so false. Not only is every retailer fighting against each other for your last-minute gift shopping dollars, but most of them are trying to clear their inventory to make way for 2018 arrivals.  Take note that these types of sales are the best kinds for buying clothes that are still in season, just marked down to make room for the new year. Ebates is my favorite way to keep track of this, + the extra money back helps too ;)

4)   Indulge in a little self-care. I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and assume that you don’t typically give yourself a manicure and a facial every single night. I’m also going to take a shot and assume that not only has it been approximately 3 weeks since your last nail salon visit, but you’ve also abandoned your skin and let the winter weather completely destroy it. Ok, maybe that last part’s just me, but hey, what’s a girl to do when she’s prone to dry and itchy skin in the winter? It’s hard out here on these mean NYC streets!

Take one of these nights to stay home, try out some of those products that you’ve been hoarding in your bathroom for the last 3 months, and indulge in a little TLC! Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, condition -- + don’t forget to light some pretty candles while you serve your skin and hair allllll of that good good. Wear a big fluffy robe with cucumber slices under your eyes and paint a fun color on your toes for an impromptu pedi. Do anything that helps you feel refreshed and spoiled.

5) Celebrate the holidays with your friends. A lot of us (if not all of us) would make the argument that our friends are our extended family in disguise. Family we were meant to meet one at a time, at school, on vacation, or even on the internet. It’s the type of family that is there for you in different ways, and for a lot of people, the type of family that you see the most of. With everyone scrambling to make it home to their “real” families this Christmas, don’t forget to carve out some time this week to raise a glass to the pals who are always there. If holiday shopping has left your pockets feeling light, invite them over and chill on the couch with a $3 bottle of Trader Joe’s wine and bake some holiday cookies. Whatever you do, don’t let the (beautiful) chaos of the holidays make you miss the plethora of bonding to be had!