Food and the City: Where to Find the Best Fall Sweets In NYC Yum

October 25, 2017

Where to Find the Best Fall Sweets In NYC

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1) Doughnut Plant: OK -- it's no secret that Doughnut Plant is constantly serving up some of the best donuts that NYC has to offer, however, their pumpkin donut in particular is so next level, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not indulging in one this season. For real, go buy a box of 12 and then eat all of them in one shot while watching This Is Us and crying yourself to sleep.

2) Molly's Cupcakes: I've spoken about Molly's Cupcakes before, and how I think they are highly underrated when it comes to the NYC cupcake game. On some real #shiet, they are hands down my favorite cupcakes in the entire city, most specifically their center-filled varieties that are gushing with creamy goodness. Their cake batter cupcake falls within top 10 things I've ever placed in my mouth, and I've put a lot of things in my mouth. For fall, try their s'mores, pumpkin spice, or one of their cute Halloween-themed treats to get you in that #holidayspirit.

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3) Sundaes & Cones: You may not think ice cream when it comes to fall treats, seeing as the temperatures are dropping and it's typically cold AF, however, with the beauty that is global warming, ice cream can very well still be enjoyed this fall. Seriously, it's been like 75 and sunny in NYC almost everyday this past month, so, eat up alllllll dat ice cream while you still can. Sundaes & Cones has some of the most interesting flavors to enjoy, and even though the weather doesn't reflect fall #feelings, their pumpkin spice ice cream is sure to put you in the mood.

4) One Girl Cookies: Following the theme of underrated sweets in NYC, whoopie pies just seem to be an underrated food in general. As a self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur, I take personal offense to this seeing as whoopie pies are actually freaking fantastic, and should be celebrated as such. For instance, these pumpkin whoopies from One Girl Cookies are a good start.

5) Alice's Tea Cup: It must be said that scones aren't exactly the most delicious treat. I mean, don't get me wrong, anything in the form of carby-bready goodness will always be scrumptious, however, when reaching for a sweet, I don't typically gravitate to the scone plate first. That all changes at Alice's Tea Cup, which not only happens to be one of the most adorable brunch spots in the city, but their pumpkin scone is out of this world and mustn't be missed. Please, do yourself a favor and get your shit together early enough one Saturday or Sunday afternoon to score a table at this UWS gem.