Food and the City: 3 HEALTHY Snack Ideas & The Wine To Pair Them With Yum

September 29, 2017

3 HEALTHY Snack Ideas & The Wine To Pair Them With

Home entertaining season is upon us, friends! Whether you're the type to host #footballsundays or #winewednesdays with your BFF's, as the temperatures drop, so do our social lives. Or maybe that's just me.. because me + the cold = nuclear was. Not only is outdoor drinking a thing of the past, I tend to leave my apartment less and less for basically everything, just in the attempt to not freeze to death. 
I would much rather cocoon up in a blanket at home with a good bottle of wine than bundle up and brace the cold. 

So, if you're like me; semi-antisocial, semi-introverted, and semi excited for the colder months ahead, here are 3 simple AF snack ideas (and the wine to pair them with!) that you can throw together in a pinch when you and the squad decide that no, you will not be going to the club tonight.

Bachelor in Paradise marathon, anyone?

1) Ok, APPLES. Let's talk about god-damn APPLES. Apples are your best friend this time of year and you need to get on board with them. Ditch the pumpkin spice nonsense and get back to falls original superstar flavor. And then spread on some soft swiss and give it a generous drizzle of honey. You'll cry at how good the balance of flavor is here. 

It's wine BFF, you ask? Cabernet.

2) Everyone is once again losing their minds over queso cheese ever since Chipotle decided to start offering it in their stores. Side note: did we all forget about the huge salmonella scandal that Chipotle went through seemingly not that long ago or are we all just pretending to not remember? Regardless -- amp up the heat at home with this simple spicy crostini - creamy queso, hot sauce + cilantro. DONE.

It's wine BFF? Pinot Noir (or even a red sangria!).

3) For the #basicbetch inside of us all, keeping it classic never fails to impress. The rich flavors of mozzarella, tomatoes, and balsamic will forever be a winning combination, so don't be a afraid to go the traditional route and settle on this long-time favorite. I used a soft mozz that's been combined with sun-dried tomatoes (laughing cow has an awesome one!),  cherry tomatoes sliced in halves, and a heaping drizzle of my homemade balsamic reduction.

It's wine BFF? Chianti.

So there you have it! 3 simple snacks that are both easy to throw together, AND light enough to go back for seconds. Or thirds... or fourths..

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