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August 08, 2017

Best BUDGET FRIENDLY Stores For Chic Home Decor

I didn't go to college.

I didn't have a dorm, or a sorority house, or an off-campus apartment.

I remember every year, when the school semester rolled around, my friends would go on shopping trips to buy new decor to dress up their space with. Whether it was a place of their own or a tiny room that they shared with someone they hoped wouldn't be a serial killer, I was always slightly jealous at how much fun they would have decking out their bedrooms for the year.

I didn't live on my own until I was 25. I moved out when I was 22, but, I always had roommates in any apartment that I lived in. Welcome to New York City, kids. Where your hopes + dreams can surely happen, but you'll be spending $1,400 a month to share a tiny apartment with 3 people in the meantime. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!

In reality, I didn't mind this at all. I had my bedroom and I *feng shui'd* the fuck out of it. It was the only little corner of the city that I could call my own (quite literally since I had the corner bedroom), and I'll cherish all the time I spent in it.

When I did finally get my own place, I lost my mind when it came to decorating. You might have see bits and pieces of my living space on my Instagram here & there, and I've always gotten tons of questions as to where I like to shop for my decor. I figured since the school year is right around the corner, & errrbody looking to save some cash, what better time than to discuss my favorite shops to scope out items while still being $$ savvy!

Target: Okay, HONESTLY, who doesn't love Target? If I had to choose a ridiculous thing to judge somebody with, it would be whether or not they like Target. * "He who does not like Target is he who cannot be trusted." - Buddha * Anyway - it's no secret that Target is like, the mecca of home decor finds on the cheap. Not only is the quality good, they are always on trend and in the know of what's ~*happening*~ As soon as something becomes popular within the home decor scene (i.e; bar carts), Target will have one in stock within a week.

my picks:

2) Wayfair: Honestly, I don’t know what I was doing before I discovered Wayfair. It is, hands down, one of the largest online destinations for all things home. They literally have like a zillion things on their website (that’s actually their slogan – no joke), as well as inspiration boards to help inspire you if you’re not sure where to start. I’ve purchased so many things from them that I’ve lost count, and everything has always arrived exactly as described on their website. Not to mention, I’ve seen some of the same items on other websites priced much higher, so you know you’re also getting a good deal by shopping with them.

my picks:

3) Amazon: Believe it or not, you can get really lucky shopping for home pieces on Amazon. Aside from the fact that it’s a retail giant with a market place for pretty much anything you’d ever need, their “interesting finds” page is where I usually get the most lucky. It’s flooded with unconventional items that you wouldn’t normally find anywhere else, and I love that I can purchase unique things for my apartment in the same online order as something so opposite like protein bars or a curling wand. Also, I’ve found a ton of gifts for people in that section, so it’s definitely worth checking out for more categories apart from home décor. (ps, those “mom juice” wine glasses are everything.)

my picks:

4) Urban Outfitters: You may not think to go to clothing store for home décor finds, but Urban Outfitters was one of my go-to spots when I shared an apartment with roommates. They have such a great selection of quirky kitchen items that are perfect for small spaces, as well as unique/on trend accent pieces.

my picks:

5) Overstock: What I love about Overstock is that they ALWAYS have some sort of awesome sale going on. Whether it be 40% off rugs or 60% off candles, you’re almost guaranteed to run into some savings whenever you shop on there. I’ll admit it’s probably the one I use to least out of my 5 suggestions, but I’ve it to be such a good resource for things like sheets & pillow cases and cheap throw blankets/pillows. Did you ever realize how f*cuking expensive sheets & pillow cases are? That was probably one of the most annoying adult realizations, but ever since I started ordering them from Overstock, it’s become much less of an added aggravation.

my picks:


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