Food and the City: Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift For Him Yum

February 08, 2017

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift For Him

Long before I became an adult, long before I had responsibilities, an apartment to clean and brand to maintain, I used to be really great at gift-giving. I would spend months mentally planning what to purchase and put great effort into coming up with the most creative and personal idea for each person. I was also 19 years old, living at home, and my only worry in the world was if my fake ID would work at the bar next weekend. Those were #thedays...

Now that I'm older, with 4,000 things on my mind at any given moment, holidays tend to creep up on me and put me into full blown panic mode when I realize I still haven't even thought about it yet. If you're also like me, then I'm sure you'd agree that same-day delivery services are a godsend to our procrastinating ways. Plus with Valentine's Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to introduce to you one of my go-to websites for when I find myself in a rut. (aka always)

My boyfriend is the biggest cookie monster on this planet. He's not that into cakes or chocolates or pastries alike, but give him some cookies and the man is in his glory. When I found Cookies by Design, I knew that I just hit the jackpot for quick, but still creative, gifts for him. Because of their quick turnaround times for delivery, my procrastination hasn't been an issue, and because I'm able to customize each cookie bouquet, I still get to tap into that thoughtful gift gifting side of me. Plus, if I need a gift on a whim, their same-day delivery bouquets are still a great option.

I mean, how freakin' cute is this bouquet??? It features 8 BIG (like, 4-6" tall) sugar cookies, and a full size Valentine's Day bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. An edible bouquet? Sign me right the heck up. Flowers are great and all, but who wouldn't rather eat their bouquet instead? Give me sugar or give me death.

Not only does Cookies by Design have bouquets for every occasion under the sun, they also sell boxes of chocolate truffles, as well as cookie cakes and trays. Plus, you're able to shop by price, andddd they offer gluten free options. My friends and I are already planning to customize a bunch of cookies for a girlfriends birthday that's coming up, so you can literally turn to them for anything.

And finally, because you're kind of awesomeeeee, I'm giving away an extra bouquet to one lucky reader for them to gift to their sweetie this Valentine's Day. All you have to do is head to my Instagram, and comment on the photo what you're planning to do for v-day. And hey, if you're "sweetie" just happens to be you, and you're planning to chill out with some Gilmore Girls, that's cool too. (I'm also very kind of jealous)


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