Food and the City: Meet NYC's New Favorite Way To Eat Healthy Yum

January 30, 2017

Meet NYC's New Favorite Way To Eat Healthy

Contrary to popular belief, I actually do enjoy eating healthy. I make conscious decisions each most days to try and eat the foods that have as much nutritional value as possible, and will usually go the extra mile in making sure I have a good balance of things in my diet. It's how I'm able to off-set my, ahem, not so nutritional days, and it's been working quite beautifully for me. 

One thing I don't enjoy as much? Shopping for all of these things. 

Here in NYC, 90% of the population is always looking for gluten-free this, organic that, and "sorry, I'm on a no-sugar-for-the-rest-of-my-life diet." We clearly have very specific needs, and sometimes those needs aren't always met by the specialty stores that we have at our disposal. I'm looking at you, Trader Joes. (AND your long a** lines.)

Luckily, we have Farmbox Direct, and I'm really, really excited to talk about it today.

Meet your new best friend, aka my favorite way to get my fresh, organic and natural fruits and vegetables. I have used Farmbox Direct twice now, and both times I have been blown away by the quality of both my produce and delivery. The menu changes weekly according to what's fresh and in-season, however, you're able to make up to 5 substitutions for what goes into your box. I've swapped beets for extra potatoes and zucchini for extra apples, so it's nice to have control over your order if you'd prefer more or less of something vs. getting stuck with a fruit or vegetable that you despise. 

I have tried other services in the past where this wasn't the case, and I had a squash rot in my fridge for 2 months. True story.

For reference, this is how much stuff (!!!) you get in the medium box which is $55.95. I would easily spend that, if not more, had I just gone to the grocery store myself. Plus, not only do I not have to lug it all home, I know that by ordering through Farmbox, I'm helping out my local farmers and community, and this girl is allllll about supporting local businesses. 

Not to mention, Farmbox Direct is the only e-commerce service that has been certified by the USDA as a Certified Organic Handler, so you're getting the real deal here. They offer free delivery within Continental USA, and you never have to commit to on-going deliveries. I know that for me, 2 deliveries per month is perfect, so the fact that I'm able to customize my schedule is a major plus.

Box sizes range from small-large, in varieties ranging from only-organic, to only-natural, as well as all-juicing boxes, which I'm interested in trying next. 

Overall, I highly recommend giving the service a try if you're interested in incorporating more organic/natural foods into your diet. It's the new year, what better time to start doing just that!

Thank you for saving my fruit & vegetable life, Farmbox. I love you.

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