Food and the City: Holiday Sweets with My Great Recipes Yum

December 08, 2016

Holiday Sweets with My Great Recipes

Picture this.

December 24th, 3:00pm. T-minus 4 hours until you need to head to your aunts house for Christmas Eve Dinner. Your cousin Susan calls to tell you that she decided to head over to her boyfriend Chad's house (come on, it's always a Chad), and asks if you'd be able to take care of dessert. Despite wanting to yell obscenities over the phone to Susan, you do what any good cousin would do and starting researching website after website on your iPhone trying to find the perfect recipe.

Long before we relied on our iPhones, our iPads, and even Pinterest to find the perfect comfort recipes, there were MyGreatRecipe cards. If you were born before the year 1997, chances are you remember seeing these cards in the kitchens of your grandmothers, your aunts, and your other older relatives whose name you can't remember. They would keep them in an index folder, and store them neatly behind the sugar jar or some other bizarre location. The folder usually had pasta sauce stains splattered on it, or a different questionable substance that you couldn't quite identify. It was their go-to catalog anytime they needed to reference an ingredient or get an idea for using up that last random carrot in their crisper drawer.

I remember those recipe cards very, very well, and felt extremely nostalgic when I heard the news of MyGreatRecipes going digital.

Introducing the *new* MyGreatRecipes, your one-stop website shop for any and all recipes that your little heart desires. Search, create, and save all of your recipes in one single place, right on your iPhone or Android phone. Share your collections on social media or explore other members roundups (like this yummy pancake collection) to find recipes from all over the web. Whether you're looking for quick & easy weeknight meals, to a special dessert that will outshine cousin Susan any day, MyGreatRecipes will quickly become your #1 source for cooking decisions. And let's be honest here, the most important decisions in life are those of food decisions.

I even put together my own collection, rounding up some desserts that I plan to attempt make this holiday season. I usually go ham with the holiday baking, so I found a ton of ideas that I'm excited to try out! Like really, how cute are those wreaths above? I die. 

You can view that collection here

So, much like your grandmothers old index folder, you can always count on your recipes staying neatly in one place: your phone.

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