Food and the City: Derma Cover Launch Event - 10.22.16

October 25, 2016

Derma Cover Launch Event - 10.22.16

Over this past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a glamorous event for the launch of the new Derma Cover Tattoo Foundation. This innovative new product is taking the market by storm with its incredible coverage, long-lasting formula, and built in SPF 30.  If you ever woke up from a long night wondering how the hell you were going to hide the fact that you didn't get home until 3AM on a Monday night, this is the foundation for you. 

Just as its name suggests, this not only is this foundation able to cover tattoos, it's the only product you'll need in your face-makeup arsenal. Think; a moisturizer, a concealer, a sunscreen and a foundation ALL IN ONE. The consistency is creamy enough to pat in yet thick enough to glide right over those dark circles that you're trying to conceal. Seriously, I've only had this product for a couple of weeks now and not ONE DAY has gone by without me using it. It's unlike any other foundation that I have ever tried before. 

The makeup artist on set was performing live and in-action before and after shots, and it was crazy to see the transformation he gave the model within 2 minutes. Just a quick swipe of the Derma Cover Tattoo Foundation and she looked awake, alert, and like she just got the best nights sleep of her life.

Another note-worthy aspect of this product is that even though the coverage is insane, the formula is suuuuuper light. I can barely feel the foundation on my face at all, even while wearing a good amount of it. It's the perfect day-night ninja, as it blends in beautifully with both makeup brushes or your fingers, and will last you the entire night. I wore this through a 12 hour makeup day just last week, and was amazed to see how fresh my makeup still looked when I got home that night.

While just *being* at the event was an honor in and of itself,  I also had the opportunity to meet Dosung Ha, who is a fabulous TV host that came all the way from Korea to experience the product in person. I later answered some questions on camera for her TV show, so needless-to-say I walked around thinking I was the ish for the rest of the day. My friends definitely hated me that night, but that's okay fam, because guess what?? I'M ON KOREAN TV Y'ALL.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks, as I'll be giving away ONE HUNDRED of these babies to YOU GUYS!!!!!!! YAY free stuff! YAY great foundations! YAY for being able to go to Sunday dinner at your grandmas house still drunk from the night before but she won't know because your makeup will still be FLEEK. Seriously people, this foundation is out of this world.

Thanks for having be Derma Cover! And thanks for also placing me right next to this beautiful cake that I stared at like a kid in a candy store for 2 hours.