Food and the City: What's In My Bag *NYFW Edition* Yum

September 08, 2016

What's In My Bag *NYFW Edition*

The air seems misty, the skies have opened up, broken ankles everywhere, and Uber has a 7x surcharge to go 1/2 a mile. Is it the end of the world as we know it? No, it's New York Fashion Week. Twice a year, these ~*gLaMoRoUs*~ series of events take place in New York City to showcase next seasons must haves, or as I like to call them, "things I'll spend my rent money on." After 7 consecutive days of your Instagram feed being flooded with models alike, you start to ask yourself a few questions:

1) Why did I go to college to become a marine biologist when I can be getting paid to pop bottles with Chance The Rapper at an after party?

2) How exactly does she get her boobs to stay confined in a dress like that?

3) When did I start following inTouch Magazines Instagram account?

Aside from those hard-hitting questions that you sit there and ponder, you wonder how the hell do you survive a week straight of high-fashion, eyeshadow, and hangovers? After attending 6 years of New York Fashion Week, my only answer is this:

You don't. But since you kind of do, just make sure to PLAN PLAN PLAN. Literally, take the week beforehand (sorry, too late) and do absolutely nothing that way your body can fully prepare for the madness that's ahead. It may look like fun and games, but the mental torture of trying to get to every show on time, not to mention doing it while you're hungover (because lol after parties), is on a different level. I figured since New York Fashion Week has just started, I'd share the survival kit that I pack myself each and every go around.

The first step? Find yourself the perfect purse that is big enough to carry everything you'll need, but still chic enough that Karl Lagerfeld doesn't send you home crying. The bag I chose this year is the transport crossbody by Madewell. It's suede so it's *tote* in season, plus the fringe adds a fun notion that says "I'm here to party, but I also plan to be home by 9pm."

I think it's a solid choice, so at $159 you can't go wrong.

Now onto the important stuff, like, what's actually inside of it. Just recently someone told me that her friend carries around a tote bag filled with only cigarettes, sunglasses, and money, and I nearly died of laughter. We will not be carrying such limited things with us this week, so lets dive right into what you'll need in order to keep your body alive:

Cameras: If you're going to NYFW, you're obviously going to be taking a shit ton of photos. And if you're like me, your data plan hangs by a thread every month, so having backup options to take your shots is muy bueno. Aside from my iPhone, I usually pack my DSLR (Canon T3i, I desperately need to upgrade), as well as a good ol' fashion point and shoot cam because you just never know. And knowing before never knowing is always knowing, or something like that.

IZZE JUICES: It's no secret that I'm obsessed with IZZE everything. If you hang around Food and the City longer than 10 minutes you're bound to run into a post about my favorite juices. I'm currently crushing on Sparkling Grapefruit, because it's the perfect balance of bubbly and sweet and seriously helps me get through the day. No added sugars, no preservatives, and no caffeine, so it keeps me going without that unavoidable crash that you'll experience with most fruity drinks. It's an essential in my NYFW survival kit, and I think it should be apart of yours, too.

Chargers: This should honestly go without saying, but don't forget to pack your charger. If you're hitting up most of the shows, it's likely you'll be out of your apartment/hotel or out of the office for most of the day. It's also likely that you'll be editing and uploading photos in every cab ride that you take, and those apps take a serious shit on your battery life. If I was being perfectly honest, I rarely leave my place without my charger even if I'll only be gone for a few hours, but especially if I'll be gone all day.

Makeup for touchups: One of the biggest mistakes people make is stuffing their bags so tightly with makeup, they hardly have room for the other essentials. In truth, the only two things you absolutely need are blotting/translucent powders and lipstick. Powder for shine and lipstick to keep your pout on Kylie's level. My favorite powder for long days is the Makeup Forever HD Powder, which helps ensures everything still looks #fresh. For lipstick, I always choose a nude that's more on the pink side. They tend to just go with everything, and it's one less thing that I have to think about.

Miscellaneous stuff: Breath mints, Advil, stain remover, and Emergen-C are always always always in my purse, let alone for NYFW. Breath mints are good for all the networking you'll be doing, Advil for all the annoying people you'll have to talk to, stain remover for all the shit you're going to spill on yourself (i promise), and Emergen-C for when 6 hours have passed by and realized you haven't eaten yet. These are important. Pack them.

So in closing, NYFW can be a bit of a #betch, but only if you let it be. You can conquer the beast and make it through like the professional Instagram celeb that you are. I have faith in you bbby.

Also, since it's Thursday, I'd like to leave you with a #tbt from a show that I attended last year, Lauren Conrad. She absolutely killed it, and it still remains a favorite of mine to this day. That grapefruity-peachy skirt, I die. Die die die.

Happy New York Fashion Week!

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