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September 07, 2016

Top 5 Restaurants For Fall Comfort Food in NYC

#SummerSixteen is now nothing more than a thing of a past, seeing as Labor Day Weekend is behind us, and Dunkin Donuts won't stop telling us that their Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in stores for the season. Furthermore, as the weather starts to lose its summer warmth and the evenings adopt a crispness that screams ~*sweater weather*~, we know our favorite comfort foods can't be much more far behind. From apple to pumpkin to maple #errthang, comfort food is suddenly the name of the game. If you're in New York City this fall, treat yourself to a decadent meal at one of these comfort foodie hotspots:

David Burke Fabrick | 47 W 38th Street
If you want to indulge in some classics while also staring at some beautifully plated food, David Burke Fabrick is hands down a spot that you need to hit up. Situated in the Archer Hotel on W 38th Street, DBF is most known for their shareable-sized plates, so you have little-to-no excuse to not try multiple things on their interesting menu. My favorite is their General Tso's Cauliflower, mainly because it's served in a traditional cardboard take-out box, and presentation gets me every time. Also, did I mention they serve strips of bacon on a clothesline? Because they do.

Hillstone | 387 Park Avenue South
On the menu at Hillstone in Gramercy, you'll find a wide variety of comfort food with a seasonal edge. Enjoy a slow-roasted lamb sandwich or melt-in-your-mouth five-nut brownie for a filling treat that's the perfect component for your stretchy pants. Hillstone is also widely known for their impeccable service, so it's a great option if you're trying to woo a date or convince your parents that you have your life together.

Underwest Donuts | 638 West 47th Street
If you're in the mood for a sweet treat, high-tail it to the West Side for one of the best donuts in town. Starting at 6:30 A.M. each weekday, and 7:30 A.M on weekends, this modest shop serves these classic pastries in interesting flavors ranging from maple waffle to jasmine green tea. Their coffee also gets the Food and the City seal of approval, and that says a lot.

Friend of a Farmer | 77 Irving Place, #1
Local food and comfort food intersect at Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place. Hearty fare like chicken pot pie and fried oysters are perfect meals on a chilly fall day. They fill up QUICK during brunch hours, so plan ahead and get you some of those amazing blueberry pancakes that I still can't stop thinking about.

Trend Diner | 1382 2nd Avenue
This Upper East Side eatery serves up diner classics with style from a menu that's longer than most novels. Burgers, panini's, and an entire menu dedicated to "wacky fries" make for a meal that's not great for your diet, but good for the soul. But hey, with comfort food comes comfort clothing, so whip out the ol' stretchies and call it a day.

This is a guest post by Candice Schaffer from Knightsbridge Park, a leading digital marketing firm for luxury real estate brands such as and The Harrison.
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