Food and the City: WHERE TO EAT IN NYC #3 Yum

July 21, 2016


Coming in strong with our 3rd edition of the where to eat in NYC series, prepare yourself for an intense sugar rush. I'm probably one of the only people that seriously indulges in sweets during the summer time, because, well, #summerbody. But to me, if I haven't already gotten my desired summer bod by July, it ain't happening, so why deprive myself? Also, what exactly is a summer body? Is is just like, a body that's placed in a summer setting? How does that work? WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT SUMMER BODIES? Sorry for yelling.

But alas, as I mentioned above, if you're look for some awesome sweets to indulge in over the weekend, DEFINITELY stop into 1 or 2 or 5 of the places listed below. I promise your tasty-buds will thank ya.

1) Doughnut Plant: I first discovered Doughnut Plant a couple of months ago while ordering my groceries via Max Delivery. Max Delivery is a service here in Manhattan that delivers your food within ONE HOUR. I'm legit one of the laziest people that you'll ever meet when it comes to food shopping, so when a flyer for this company was tossed under my door by my mailman, I knew it was meant to be. Actually, I probably shop on there way too often because it's so easy and convenient. ANYWAY - back to donuts - there's a section on Max Delivery's website that allows you to order from the "best of NY." Being as I am who I am (v important food critic obvi), I had to see for myself if these were indeed the best doughnuts in New York City.

Well, let me tell you. They just might fucking be. I have never had a doughnut literally melt in my mouth before. Like, actually disintegrate into my salvia. I ordered the chocolate and the glaze, and both were so soft, so fresh, and so god damn delicious that I'm actually about to order another dozen right now. I have yet to go to their actual storefront, but if their delivery is this good, I can't imagine how incredible they are the second they leave the shop. 

Also to note, they're currently riding the coattails of Pokemon Go right now, and came out with a limited edition Pokemon donut. So, there's that.

(ps to get $20 off your first Max Delivery order, use code: MPoncedeleon7587)

2) Emack & Bolio's: I have a lot to say about this ice cream shop, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy. As you know, last weekend was National Ice Cream Day. As you also know, I'm a huge sucker for national food holidays, and must always embark on celebrations of that particular food. Being that ice cream is hands down one of my favorite things on this planet, National Ice Cream Day is basically Christmas for me. Seriously, give me all of the ice cream any day, but especially on National Ice Cream Day.

With NYC having some of the best ice cream shops in the country, it was a task in and of itself to decide where to celebrate. I happened to stumble upon Emack & Bolio's via Instagram (because seriously how else do we find places these days), and knew this was the spot to go. I mean, before even getting into the details, if the picture above hasn't convinced you enough to get your ass there NOW, well then you are a tough sell my friend. 

They offer cones that are wrapped in CRISPY FUCKING MARSHMALLOW CEREAL THINGS, and the options of ice cream are endless. So endless, that in fact, when it was my turn to order, I kind of panicked and just went with the first one that I saw. That ended up being their S'moreo flavor. Vanilla ice cream with CHUCKS of Oreo cookies with marshmallows and a chocolate swirl. All neatly nestled between a sugar cone that was hugged by a fruity pebble crispy treat. I'm actually having a foodgasm right now just thinking about it.

Amongst the other types of cones that they offer are fruit loops, cookie crunch, rice crispy, and like, every other cereal you could possibly imagine. If it's one spot on this list that you need to hit up, it's this one.

3) B Bar & Grill: It was 3PM on a Sunday afternoon, and me & one of my girlfriends were galavanting through the Lower East Side looking for something to do. It was hot, we were hungover, and we needed to find a chill spot to relax and enjoy some good eats. We walked passed B Bar in an attempt to wonder why it looked so familiar, and then we remembered, "Oh yea, we got drunk here once." I'll be honest when I say I had previously only ever been to B Bar for the nightlife. Their outdoor spaces gets flooded with young professionals on the weekends, and I found myself their on numerous occasions taking fireball shots in the corner. But that's another story for another time. 

Today I want to talk about their Mezze Plate, because their Mezze Plate now holds a pieces of my heart in its garlic pita bread hands. We ordered this to split, and I am so happy that we did. The portion is huge, and my photo truly doesn't do its size any justice. You get an array of 4 different types of hummus/spreads, plus all the garlicy pita that your little heart can desire. To be honest, though, the pita bread taste more like straight PIZZA DOUGH, and that made it even better. By the end of the spreads, I still ordered some extra pita because it was that damn good and also because I have no self control.

4) Sweetgreen: I hate featuring chains in this series, because I like to keep it NYC based, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't talk about Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen isn't exclusive to New York City, but it's becoming quite the staple amongst the locals here. On any given day, you'll see a line out the door for their locations from a mile away. Everything they use is local, fresh, and in season. You won't be able to go in May and get that same cauliflower bowl that you fell in love with back in December, and I kind of love that about this place. Their menu truly changes with the season.

They have a bunch of options already made up for you, their harvest bowl being one of my favorites, however I always love to build my own. Lately, my go-to order has been: quinoa + spicy broccoli + bell pepper + onion + asparagus + arugula + roasted chicken + spicy cashew dressing. It's amazing, and I won't at all be upset if you stole it for yourself.

5) Prohibition Bakery: Infused booze infused sweets are your thing, than Prohibition Bakery is about to become your new spot. They are New York City's original alcohol-infused bakery, and have been serving up boozy cupcakes since 2011. My favorite is the the Basic Bitch, because it has White Girl Rose in it and that makes me happy. #RoseAllDay

6) Sweet Revenge: Speaking of alcohol and cupcakes, I would be doing you the ultimate disservice if I didn't tell you about Sweet Revenge. If you're looking for a spot to grab a causal glass of wine with one of your girlfriends, you have to hit this place up for happy hour. The vibe is very much like a regular bakeshop, so you get much bar-action here, but what you will get is a glass of wine and a gigantic cupcake for $10. The cupcakes are baked fresh each day, and the sangria is mixed to absolute perfection. And besides, there's nothing on this planet that goes better together than wine and chocolate.
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