Food and the City: 5 MINUTE ZUCCHINI NOODLES Yum

July 13, 2016


Remember when pasta was a thing? I kind of miss it. Nobody really cared about the calories or the carbs or the fact that it basically sits in your stomach and does nothing. People would devour bowls of it and not blink an eye, all while breaking off a big hunk of bread and drowning it in their leftover spaghetti sauce. What a simpler time.

Now a days, pasta is so 2009, and zoodles are the hot shot on the streets of this food world. Not too long ago, though, people would of have shrieked if you ever spoke of this new invention. Zucchini instead of spaghetti? Cucumber instead of rigatonis? CARROTS INSTEAD OF CAVATELLI????

I just said cavatelli in my best Godfather voice so I hope the text really verbalized that for you.

In all seriousness, zoodles (or vegetable noodles in general) have been a game changer for dieters who are still looking to get their noodle fix. I know I'm one of them, and their ain't no shame in my game to admit that. In terms of dieting, I'll take a 40 calorie bowl of cucumber noodles over a 350 calorie bowl of spaghetti any day, but that could just be my brainwashed mind talking. Don't tell my Italian grandfather.

Up until recently I've been creating my zoodles the old fashion way, with a vegetable peeler. They were never the shape or size that I wanted, but nonetheless they got the job done. I was creating more of a wider flat noodle, so I typically would use them in Asian inspired dishes vs Italian ones.

I was on Amazon, because what else would I be doing on a Monday afternoon while avoiding work, and I stumbled upon this GEM. Introducing: The Spiralizer. However, before I continue, I want to clarify that this is not sponsored, and this brand probably has no idea who I am. I just found them, bought one, and absolutely freaking love the product.

I've seen those big, more expensive machines for spiralizing noodles just as much as you have. They always seemed so clunky and big to me, and living in NYC, my kitchen space is limited. Thus, I never pulled the trigger in purchasing one. This spiralizer, however, is the perfect size to cram into your already jam-packed cabinets, or throw up on a shelf somewhere. It makes noodles in, I swear, LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. This whole bowl took maybe 2 and a half.

Unlike the other tools, the concept of this one is simple. Think: really big pencil sharpener. You have two different blades to choose from, one being larger while the other being smaller, and you just stick the vegetable in one end and twist it to your hearts content. Out comes glorious, perfect noodles.

I'm seriously so happy that I found this product, and I'm genuinely excited to share it with you guys. It's less than $10, but I would easily pay $40 for another one of these. That's how simple and quick it is to use. 

Now, join me in watching gifs of me playing with my zoodles, won't you?

You can purchase yours here :)

Happy spiralizing!

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