Food and the City: Yesterday was a walk in the park.. Yum

June 10, 2016

Yesterday was a walk in the park..

Disclosure. This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select.  While I was compensated to write a post about GOOD THiNS, all opinions are my own.

For the past week, it has finally started to feel like spring in New York City. We had a spring-like winter, but when it came time on the calendar for the season to officially begin, it was almost as if spring decided to call out of work. We were having cold, rainy days, with temperatures even dropping as low as the 20's (!!!!). It was enough to postpone Yankees opening day, and enough to make us all weep into our brand new Rihanna puma creepers that we've been dying to pull out since last fall.

Being as weather is very unpredictable in this city, I decided to #SeizeDaDay, and spend an afternoon in the park. I packed up some essentials and set out for a relaxing few hours, Carrie Bradshaw style.

In the bag, went: 1) my water canister: because humans need to be watered like the precious, delicate flower that you are. 2) My favorite go-to snack, GOOD THiNS (!), because sometimes I want to feel like I'm eating dirty, when actually, I'm eating pretty wholesome. These sweet potato chips are baked (not fried!!) with real ingredients, so they help keep my (almost ready) bikini bod in check. 3) Headphones: because New Yorkers don't like to talk to people. 4) And finally, sunglasses, because New Yorkers also don't like to look people in the eyes.

Okay, I made those last two up (sort of), but they are still essential for my afternoon oasis.

Before heading over to the park to indulge in my sweet, much needed isolation alone time, I stopped by one of my favorite places on this planet, Strands bookstore. Call me basic, call me a hipster, call me a free spirit with an open mind that probably eats avocado toast every morning... but I really, really, really love reading an actual book. Not an e-book, not an audio file. The feel and smell of an actual pen-to-paper novel or informative read is something I find much joy in. 

I was looking for a quick and quirky read to accompany me during my little afternoon in the park. I stumbled upon Adulting: How to Become a Grown-Up in 468 Easy(ish) Ways. Umm..... yes. You all need to pick this book up immediately. It's funny, well written, and describes what life in a millennial body/mind is all about. A good book and a good snack was all I needed to make my day complete.

The location: Washington Square Park.
The temperature: 65 degree & sunny. So basically, perfect.

One thing that I love about Washington Square Park is that there are always such a mixed variety of people in it. Don't get me wrong, anywhere you go in NYC there will most certainly be people from all walks of life, but it's something about this park that feels very New York. Sure, you can go to Central Park and stroll past the horse and buggies and feel as if you're reliving one of your favorite 90's rom coms, but Washington Square Park has it all. Locals, tourists, students studying at NYU close by, street musicians, businessmen waiting for their next meeting to start, burnouts, kids skipping school - you name it. It's the perfect spot to people watch.

So, water and sweet potato GOOD THiNS in hand, that's exactly what I did for a few hours yesterday. And you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. There's something about this city that makes even the smallest thing that you do feel like the most rewarding. I don't know what it is, but you got spunk, New York.

P.S: this little park adventure of mine had me thinking about all of the upcoming summer days I’ll have to trick my friends into coming and working out with me in the sun.  And by working out with me, I mean watching them do burpees while I sit off to the side and eat my GOOD THiNS.

Ciao for now. - M. xx

*this post was sponored by GOOD THINS through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about GOOD THINS, all opinions are my own.