Food and the City: WE GET IT ~ off-the-shoulder tops are v. important Yum

June 14, 2016

WE GET IT ~ off-the-shoulder tops are v. important

As the great Donna Karan once said, "I've never seen a fat shoulder." True that, DK, because come to think of it - neither have I.

While we prepare to Rose´ stumble into #AllSummerSixteen, off-the-shoulder shirts seem to be making their rounds as thee blouse to be rocking in all of our Instagram-worthy activities. Going to the park? Off-the-shoulder top. Hamptons? Off-the-shoulder top. Date with the guy you’re only seeing for free food? Off-the-shoulder top. It’s to the point where I have seen the exact same outfit at least 46 times in the last week, which entails a ~denim~ top paired with white jeans, and some sort of nude flat. Why do we all have this outfit? Why do we all keep wearing this outfit? Is there a forum somewhere on the Internet that we can all discuss our outfits for the day so this mishap can be prevented going forward?? I thought it was 2016, people. Where is the unity?

The unity is nowhere, because even I myself am guilty of running out to buy that outfit, along with a large array of similar pieces. Jeans and off-the-shoulder tops. That’s what we’ll have to offer our grandchildren when we harp at them for not knowing fashion, much like my grandmother used to talk to me about her poodle skirt from the 50’s.

At the end of the day, though, I think that most of us are attracted to this trend because of what Donna Karan pointed out to us earlier. Your shoulders gain like zero weight. Even after you shove 3 or 4 thousand empanadas in your face at 4AM on a Saturday night, you'll wake up and your shoulders will still be slaying. I think that's why most of these off-the-shoulder blouses are super roomy in the mid-section, and much tighter up top. Because empanadas are life, and that’s prob what the inspiration behind revamping this older trend was. Don’t quote me though.

Whatever, lets go get brunch.

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