Food and the City: The #PERIODSHOP with U by Kotex Yum

May 18, 2016

The #PERIODSHOP with U by Kotex

Nowadays, it seems that it's only once in a blue moon that a great idea presents itself. One of those great ideas that I recently had the honor to experience was The Period Shop hosted by U by Kotex.

It all started with Sarah M., who was frustrated to learn that there has never been a store dedicated to women and their periods. There are specialty stores that sells 55 different organic cheeses, and shops that cater to men and their grooming needs, but periods? Nope. Nada. Nothing. After Sarah put out a message for someone to make this happen, U by Kotex stepped to the plate and teamed up with her to make it a reality. 
I had the pleasure of visiting the store twice last week, and experience this groundbreaking way to look at our periods first hand. After all, why the heck are we so shy about this?? It's probably the most natural thing that our kick-ass female bodies can do. Well, besides have the strength to squeeze tiny human beings out of ourselves...but we need our periods to be able to do so! Just remember that the next time some dude gets squeamish when you start talking about Aunt Flow. Kindly say "you're welcome." and carry on with your bad self.

The entire store streamed female empowerment. From a marker-friendly wall that allowed women write what their period was to them, to neon says that said "go with your flow" and "treat yoself." By the time my visit as the period shop was up, the wall you see above was fillllled with hysterical ways that people were describing their periods. My personal fav was "my red headed BFF". Now that's embracing your flow. I'm pretty sure I added "raging bitch" on one of the lines, but I won’t fully confirm or deny that.

Aside from the excellent vibe that was pumping through the air, the period shop was equipped with exactly what us gals on our periods want & need --- treats, treats, and more treats. From the ice cream bar serving up scoops and whatever toppings your bleeding heart (ha) desired, to cupcakes and mini pizza tacos. The was a never ending stream of champagne and I was very okay with that. Give me sugar or give me death. 

Although the period shop was only open from May 13th-15th, it's just apart of something bigger. The Period Projects is a series of projects inspired and led by real women who share a passion for change, and a passion for embracing this beautiful thing about our bodies. Sure, we might hate the world while on our cycles, but the truth of the matter is that our periods make us the STRONG carriers that we are as women. And in my opinion, that is pretty freaking dope.

My visits to the period shop wouldn't have been complete without documenting them via video, so you can view those two clips below. If you weren't able to make it out to the period shops, don't fret! You can still shop all things period warranted here.

Overall, it truly was amazing to see so many women from all walks of life getting together to celebrate ourselves. Thank you, U by Kotex, for being a platform for us to be able to do that.


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