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May 05, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

We are just shy of about 3 weeks until Memorial Day Weekend, which, unless you're 4 years old, you know is the unofficial-official start to summer. People travel, the beaches open, you pull out your bathing suit for the first time, cry a little because you can't fit in it, continue on to drink kale milkshakes for the next 3 days, you know the drill.

Every year, I swear I'm going to jot down a summer bucket list, and every year - I fail to do so. My birthday always falls somewhere during Memorial Day Weekend, so I tend to focus on that ~*glorious*~ day the most, and forget I still have an entire summer ahead of me. Basically what I'm trying to say is that my birthday if everyones official welcoming wagon of the season, and it should be celebrated tremendously. I kid I kid, but only a little.

I'll be 25 this year, and for my first quarter of life on this earth, I'm finally going to make a summer bucket list. I guess this is what maturing is like? Probably not.

This beautiful sunset is one from Miami, which stumbled into my summer plans last year because of work. I had a pretty dope time out there, and wrote down a few spots you needed to check out. You can view that here. I hope a spontaneous trip like that falls into my lap again this year.

Okay, lez talk summer plans..

* Fire Island ~ me and my *gUrLs* are heading out to Fire Island for Memorial Day Weekend. If you're unfamiliar, Fire Island is a secluded island off the coast of Long Island. You can only access it by ferry, so there are no cars anywhere to be found. In my opinion, it truly is the perfect stay-cation for anyone that lives in New York. I went last year for Labor Day and had a sick time, however, I went with my ex-boyfriend and his friends, so this time around is definitely going to be much different. Nonetheless, last year showed me the ropes and the places I want to hit up again this year. If I'm sober enough that is...

side note: if anyone knows where I can buy Drake related birthday things.. please let me know. Asking for a friend. (me)

* Rent a boat/be on a boat at some point ~ last year my brother was supposed to get his boating license, in which he subsequently did not. This decision left my boat-less, even hopeless - if I may - and I swore right then and there that I was going to... find someone else to get their boating license this year. 

* Go on at least one spontaneous vacation ~ as I mentioned previously in this article that I hoped another random trip fall into my lap like last year, I still had about a months notice with that one. This summer, I hope I have the courage (and the funds) to wake up one morning and decide "ya know what? tomorrow I'm going to ----".. and actually going. Much to how I did with Italy back in February. *guide on where to eat in Italy can be found here.

* Pull an all night-er, sitting on my rooftop, talking to one of my best friends ~ I'm blessed to be able to say that I have a pretty sick rooftop on top of my apartment building. We are so close to the Empire State Building, you can practically throw a rock at it. Don't throw a rock at it, though. I'm pretty sure that's a felony. But seeing as I have this really cool rooftop, I have never been up there post-going out, having one of those deep heart-to-heart conversations with a friend. You know, the types that usually take place in a diner at 4AM or the couch of your buddies living room. I envision being up there, with a cigar maybe (?), talking about life and what we want and where we're going and if we believe in aliens or not. The temperature would still be at least 75 degrees, despite it being early morning, and then we would go get some pancakes. Actually, I think I might be describing a boyfriend... not sure.

* Get down to the same weight that I was last summer ~ OKAY, this sort of thing truly shouldn't be on a bucket list, because quite frankly, something like weight shouldn't get in between you and your happiness. I, however, gained a pesky 10lbs while in Italy (obviously), and I'm still trying to shake off the last 3 or 4. It really is no biggie, but it's one of those personal things that will bother you until you accomplish it. We all have em', and right now one of mine happens to be my shorts from last summer not feeling tight on me.

* And on that same note... eat all of things ~ Particularly all of the froyo that I can. Hey, once I get back down to my same weight, it's okay to splurge on the things that I love. Froyo is a summer staple from me. I probably consumed more calories in it last year than I did anything else. Just kidding.. that was most definitely alcohol.

* Think of as many Drake captions/puns as I can ~ If you know me in real life, or even if you have a good eye on my social media, you may have noticed that aside from my obvious obsession with Fetty Wap, I'm also obsessed with Drake. I try to use his lyrics in my captions a lot, and turn them into my own. That's probably kind of illegal, and if any Drake officials are reading this, please don't slap me with a subpoena. Instead, maybe send me an autograph or something? Maybe have drake himself come serenade me for my birthday? (see #1) Anyway - this year my Instagram is going to be flooded with Drake captions in celebration of his tour, and it's all going to start with me stating the obvious one -- "all summer sixteen" (sorry)

* Make a new friend ~ It's no secret that it's hard making new friends in adulthood. People have their circles and their cliques, and aren't always open to new folks. I am fortunate enough to say that in adulthood, I've actually made a bunch of new friends. Some closer than others, but nonetheless, they all started with some wild story in the summer. I hope to recruit a new member of the Melly Wap Team this year.

* Accomplishment more than half of my overall 2016 goals ~ I have a notepad with all of my goals for 2016 scribbled in it. I didn't publish it on here (maybe I should?), but I feel like seeing as we are already in May, it's kind of silly to post now. Oh that procrastinating Mel... always losing out on quality content! Anyway, summertime should be the middle point to your goals. It would be nice if you had at least half of your years margin met, but sometimes it doesn't happen that way. I know that's definitely what happened to me last year. I was in a relationship and lost my way a bit. This summer, though, by the end of it all I'm hoping to have more than half of my yearly goals locked in the books.

* Do something I've never done ~ Okay, most of this list is filled with things that I've never done, hence why they are on a bucket list, but in this case when I say do something I've never done, I'm talking something adventurous. Go hand gliding, water skiing, bungee jumping (never), you get the idea. I went to feel adrenaline like I've never felt before.

* Get over my fear of the ocean ~ You may think I'm out of my mind listing this, seeing as I've already mentioned I want to be on a boat and go water skiing in the same post. But the truth is, I'm terrified to actually swim in the ocean. I don't like the fact that in most cases you can't see what's underneath you. It freaks me out to think that at any moment I can step on something squishy, or worse, be swallowed by something scary. Realistically, this one probably won't get crossed off, but a girl can dream. (or hide behind a keyboard)

* Catch a rooftop movie ~ This is all I wanted to do last year and it never happened. My guy at the time wasn't really into it, and I'm the type to find this sort of thing more on the romantic side, so I never went with friends. This year, HOWEVER, your girl Mel gives zero fucks. I will go to these things by myself if I have to. I want to watch old, classic movies on top of rooftop underneath the New York City skyline. There are plenty of organizations that throw them, so do yourself a solid and search around for their schedules. They also host a ton of them in parks across the city, and I'd like to partake in those, too.

Holy smokes, this was a long post. Congratulations if you've made it to the end. You're a true supporter and I highly appreciate your face. Truth-be-told, I could probably think of about 10 more things to add, but I think this will suffice for now. Knowing me I'll most definitely be adding to it throughout the summer, so maybe bookmark it or something (?), and check back periodically! 

What's on your Summer 2016 bucket list? Let me know here, here, and here.

Ciao for now. M xx

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