Food and the City: How To Drink Like A LADY BOSS Yum

March 03, 2016

How To Drink Like A LADY BOSS

If you're a reader of my blog, or a follower of me on my social media, I have no doubt in my mind that you're already a strong, kick-ass, ladyboss female. You're the type to take the world by the balls and get sh*t done. You wake, pray, and then you slay. You're awesome.

Because of how #boss you are, I'm always looking for brands to introduce you to that only add to the awesome that is you, and today, we're talking Made Real Vodka. Made Real Vodka was created by a group of powerful women from NYC, that wanted a platform to create opportunities and collaborations for other women through one simple thing: a cocktail. With the help of Absolut, they were able to turn this vision into a wheat & honey vodka that's set in place for the entrepreneurial mind.

How kick-ass is that?!

They proclaim to be the vodka is for the creators, the moonlighters, and the hustlers, and I think that proclamation rings true. With every bottle purchased, you're helping to move women entrepreneurs in the right direction, and when I was approached to try it out, I just couldn't turn it down. ANY brand that focuses on women uplifting other women, instead of tearing each other down, is a brand that I'm honored to help bring to the forefront. 

My favorite way to enjoy Made Real Vodka is to pair it with a very light mixer. The flavor is so smooth, I don't need another powerful taste to block it out. There are some vodkas out there that enforces me to use a strong flavored juice, but that's not the case with Made Real. I only need a tiny bit of tonic, and maybe a hint of lime. That's how smooth it is.

Overall, aside from the fact that it's delicious, what this brand stands for is so much more. A vodka for women, by women. Although I'm sure you men will enjoy it just as much. ;)

Be sure to check out this great introductory video below, as well as subscribe to their channel for more!

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