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March 21, 2016

How To Be Happy

Waking up to look outside my bedroom window to see wet streets and umbrella heads had me thinking "ugh, what a shitty day today is going to be." I was writing out a post for yet another quinoa bowl idea (I'm sorry), taking about how it was one of my favorite "rain foods" (sidenote: you totally have a rain food), when I realized 3 paragraphs in that the whole post was basically based on the fact that it was raining today. Not tomorrow, but, today. By the time the post would go up, it wouldn't be raining anymore.

That's the exact thought I had when I got ~iNsPiReD~ to write this post. Just because today is shitty, doesn't mean tomorrow won't be a bright one.

I often get comments and emails from you guys wondering how it is that I can stay relatively positive through most stuff. I never took myself as someone who always tried to stay positive, but I guess it just went unnoticed as a second nature to me. If you're a longtime follower of my life (I feel so weird saying that), you know that so many things in my life have changed over the last couple of years. I never quite understood why so many people were *astonished* at how I stayed sane throughout it all. Moves, relationships, excursions - it's definitely been a hell of a ride. The difference, though, is that to me, I never looked at any of it as a bad thing. Change is so great, and I embrace it in all aspects. Even the changes that we experience that aren't always so super-fab-cool, learn to embrace it. As I've preached on here before, it's just another ladder. And another ladder is another lesson, and babe, life is full of them.

I've met and spoken to some amazing people over the last 2 months. People who were kind enough to share their stories of change and courage with me. Some had been through some real shit, like for real, some real shit. And not once, not once did any of these people ever feel sorry for themselves or put on a whoa is me sort of attitude. One person that stands out to me the most is a fella I might while in Italy. I was admiring a wall that was covered in some interested graffiti art, when I turned to a local friend that I made and said "wow, Italy really has some beautiful street art." She informed that not only does Italy indeed have beautiful street art, the art in particular that I was looking at was actually someones home. Curious how a wall could be someones home, I asked, "eh?"

She told me that a homeless man lived behind the wall and asked some graffiti artists to showcase their work to help make his home beautiful. I was immediately touched by this, and when we passed by and saw the man, I told him that I really liked his home. While I'm not sure if he understood my English, his smile could have lit up the Vatican. A smile I'll remember forever. My one regret is not getting a photo of this wall to input into this post.

This seemingly small encounter caused me to look back at my own self. I'm proud to say that while I have had my low days, for the most part, it's mainly been positive. Happiness is felt when you allow it to be felt. I know it doesn't come as easy for everyone, but I truly feel it's something you should try to train yourself to allow. Remember when you were a kid and you didn't get your way? You bitched and you moaned but eventually you smiled again. Eventually you let go of whatever trivial thing was bothering you, and you went on to play with your Barbie dream house. Things annoyed you for like, 4 minutes, and then you were back to your weird 8 year old self. Try this when your 24, 25, 38, or 94. I promise your the value of your life is drastically increase.

When you learn to smile in a hard situation, you win. Whatever it is, you win. Because at the end of the day - at the end of your shitty, shitty day - the only person who can take away your smile is yourself.
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