Food and the City: Low-Cal Raspberry Watermelon Vodka Cocktail Yum

January 19, 2016

Low-Cal Raspberry Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

Continuing on with our partnership for 2016, I was on a quest to create my first cocktail of the year using one of IZZE's Sparkling Waters. I had a few ideas, mixed a few different things together, got a little tipsy trying things out, and then... then I came across a wonderful discovery -- there's only 10 calories in the entire bottle. 10 FREAKING CALORIES IN THE ENTIRE BOTTLE. What?? Why have I been using juices and sodas to mix cocktails my entire adult life? Who would ever need those again? No one. No one would ever need those again if you have a few of these babies on hand.

So, I did what every super creative mixologist would do -- I mixed it with vodka. And bam! A perfectly crafted (literally took 2 seconds) cocktail was born. 

Like most people, every year when it's time for us to declare our New Year's resolutions, things like losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle are always at the top of my list. I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy person already, trying my best to fit salads and fruits in whenever I can, but also like most people, the fact that alcohol can be serious sabotage to my diet often goes right over my head.

You meet up with your girls, and before you know it, you just consumed an extra 500+ calories from a night out of drinking. That's about 2 slices pizza, or around 3 or 4 brownies, just to put that into perspective. 

From now on, I'd rather stick with the low-cal drinks, and eat my calories instead.

Low-Cal Raspberry Watermelon Vodka Cocktail

makes 2

4 ounces vodka of choice
1 bottle of IZZE Sparking Raspberry Watermelon
cranberry juice of coloring*

Fill two glasses up with ice and pour in 2 ounces of vodka into each. Evenly split up 1 bottle of IZZE Sparkling Raspberry Watermelon and top each cocktail with it. Finish it off by adding in a splash of cranberry juice for coloring. Enjoy!