Food and the City: And the most popular fashion trend of 2015 was... Yum

January 04, 2016

And the most popular fashion trend of 2015 was...

When's the last time you thought to yourself "Man, I really need some new sneakers" without realizing your one pair of Nikes were falling apart and/or completely lost in the shadows of your closet because you hadn't been to the gym in months? Or what about actively seeking out some new leggings or a new spandex running sweater to wear outside of working out? It probably wasn't until recently that these thoughts ever crossed your mind. Work-out clothes.. to dinner?

With our world ever changing, and technology continuing to destroy any shot of us ever being able to save a penny evolve, our priorities as millennials has shifted. Where we once spent our monies on flashy designer labels, we're now spending on things like rent, electronics, #foods, dranks, real-life adult stuff, and yup -- you guessed it -- more comfortable clothing. 

With stores (like Lululemon) that cater to a more athleisure style springing up all across the globe, it's no wonder the trend has become so popular. Fashion bloggers and celebs alike are now embracing a more chill #lifestyle, and that's definitely one trend I can get behind. In fact, I myself just picked up a new pair of Nike Roshes, just because I saw Gigi Hadid wearing Nike Roshes, and so then I wanted Nike Roshes. Try really hard not to replay that "army pants and flip flops" scene from Mean Girls in your head right now.

It also makes me laugh to think that one day our kids will look back at photos of us from our 20's, much like we did with our own parents, and see us in leggings and sneakers bright enough to light the night sky. I remember thinking my mothers 80's fashion was something out of a horror story, and now it seems to all be coming full circle. 

But hey - at least now we have Instagram to document it all. (still trying to figure out if that's a good thing or not)

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