Food and the City: Last-minute Gifts Under $30! Yum

December 17, 2015

Last-minute Gifts Under $30!

So, picture this. The holiday season rolls around, and you have a list of things that you already know you'll be purchasing for each person on your list. The stores are empty, there are no lines, and you get a parking spot right in front.

The sales lady smiles at you, inputs her employee discount, then tells you that you actually owe nothing because, surprise(!), the guy in front of you just paid for everything without you knowing. You walk out of the store, get into your just-washed Mercedes, and drive off into the sunset having left behind the memory of a seamless holiday shopping experience.

Now picture this. It's a week before Christmas and the only thing you've picked up so far is a new pair of boots for yourself. The N train is down and you can't get uptown to Herald Square from your office at that startup company that you work for in Chelsea thats been draining your hours and has left you with no time to Christmas shop. It takes you an hour and a half to get to Macy*s just before closing time for you to run through the store Home Alone style trying to check off each person on your list. What size shirt is your brother? Who cares, he can return it. Does Kelly have her ears pierced? Whatever, she does now.

You walk out of Macy*s with only half of the thing you went in for, and then you cry on the 2 train while trying to get home in the rain.

Sound familiar? Probably because that's the reality of holiday shopping. While there are some people who finish up before Thanksgiving even rolls around, the majority of us wait until the last possible second. If you're one of those people, like myself, I'm here to help you today. I curated a list of some fun stuff that you can still get your hands on, and it's all under 30 bucks. I just saved you time, money, and your sanity.

You're welcome.

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