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December 16, 2015

Be The Change You Want To See In 2016

As we get deeper and deeper into the holiday season, I always get a tiny bit concerned that the thankfulness that once danced in the air slowly becomes obsolete. People can get so wrapped up in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, that it seems like the once #ThankfulThursday posts turn into #SuperSavingSaturdays and #We'llJustChargeItWednesdays. The season becomes more about the hottest deal and less about some of the things that this time of year celebrates: family, friends, and of course: food.

Because it's around this time that I feel we tend to go off the deep end, I wanted to share a hashtag that's going around on Twitter that I think is pretty dope. It's #In2016IWannaSee, and it gives people the opportunity to be hopeful and express what it is that they'd like to see change in their little world. It's an opportunity to reflect on what maybe didn't go so swell for you in 2015, and how you'd like to translate a new form of it in 2016. Maybe that's a little deep, considering it is just a hashtag, but is is reallllly just a hashtag? Can't it be a little dose of social media therapy? It definitely seems a lot cheaper than the real thing.

I've been following the hashtag via Twitter Moments, and I wanted to share a couple of my favorites with you:

For me, #In2016IWannaSee: equality for women in the work force, technology that drives the fat out of fried food, hear Donald Trump use the word HUGE during a debate at least 6 more times, hats that don't cause hat hair, and free bottles of white truffle oil with every purchase you make at any store.

Those are pretty realistic, right? What do you wanna see in 2016?

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