Food and the City: 18 Gifts For The Millennial In Your Life

December 02, 2015

18 Gifts For The Millennial In Your Life

With holiday shopping in full force, you've probably been checking your list (maybe checking it twice?.... sorry) and mapping out exactly what you'll be gifting each person. New pots for grandma, new slippers for Aunt Mary, and another generic navy blue sweater from Polo for your brother. Gifting can be hard, especially if you're shopping for a young professional who's in that awkward phase of college - real human and you have no idea what to get them.

Well - I'm here to help, friends. Seeing as I'm one of those millennial things, I know just how weird we are, and just how hard we can be to shop for. These days, it seems, everyone is gluten-free this, and "sorry I'm not wearing the color yellow in protest of the color orange" that, shopping for the millennial in your life can be impossible.

That being said, I've curated a list of things I think would make awesome gifts for your post grad/new professional. Happy anxiety filled shopping! xx