Food and the City: A Day Trip To The Wineries Yum

November 18, 2015

A Day Trip To The Wineries

A couple of weeks ago, me and one of my girlfriends took a day trip out to North Fork, NY to day drink visit some of the finest wineries that Long Island has to offer. Gilt City was awesome enough to hook us up with this amazing deal, and when you give two girl the opportunity to put on floppy hats and spend a Saturday afternoon sipping on wine, how could you say no?

We were scooped up in the early morning by a luxury Rally Bus, equipped with snacks, refreshments, wifi (!!!) and fellow patrons ready for a day at the vineyards. There were groups of friends, couples, ladies decked out in bachelorette gear, you name it. It was cool to see so many different types of people coming together for the same thing: wine. Needless to say, the 1 1/2 drive + several glasses of cabernet later turned this bus of strangers into buddies by the time it was over.

We stopped at 3 different wineries, each giving us the option to sample 4 wines of our choice, which ranged from whites, to blueberry reds, to even rosé, which I thought was rare to find! We spent 1 hour at the first two, and then 2 hours at our final destination, which had live music, food, tons of Instagram worthy views, and all the Merlot your little heart could desire. 

If you enjoy a nice glass, or have a wine lover in you're life, I highly recommend hoping aboard the Hampton Luxury Liner and spending a day out at the wineries. It was definitely a day to remember, even after all of the Chardonnay I consumed. Plus - you get picked up and dropped off right near Grand Central Station, so if you live outside of the city, it's very easy to get to and from the bus stop on Lexington Avenue where the luxury liner meets you. 

Thank you for such a great day, Gilt City! I'll definitely be planning another trip out to the wineries soon! xx