Food and the City: Watch 100 Years Of Cocktails In Under 2 Minutes Yum

October 19, 2015

Watch 100 Years Of Cocktails In Under 2 Minutes

Cocktails have come a very long way! From old fashions, to manhattans, to moscow mules, the art of the cocktail has transformed in ways you wouldn't imagine. One thing that has not changed, however, is my love for them. Granted, I also haven't been alive for 100 years, and I've only been legally drinking for about 4 years, but my appreciation for a well crafted cocktail has never been higher.

Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by some of the coolest, most invented bars and lounges in this wild, wild city. Maybe it's because I no longer look to order a vodka-redbull when out with friends. Maybe it's because I'm 24 now, and my liquor palette has expanded quite drastically over the years. Maybe it's because now I know the difference between a craft beer and a Blue Moon. Idunno. BUT, what I do know, is that this video showing the evolution of cocktails over the course of 100 years is something you HAVE to see. It's magical. It's interesting. It will make you need a drink on this lovely Monday morning. I just gave you an excuse to have a margarita with with lunch. You're welcome.

Also - shout out to the shout out to the cosmopolitan boom of 2005. We see you, Sex and the City.
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