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October 28, 2015

Sweet Gestures Turn Into Sweet Days

There's a lot of truth in the statement that doing good makes you feel good. Maybe it's holding the door for someone with a ton of bags, or maybe it's something bigger like volunteering at your local shelter. Whatever the case may be, we sometimes forget how these small deeds can really change the way a person goes about their day.

I was in Starbucks the other day, and had one of those infamous pay it forward moments. The woman a few people ahead of me quietly requested to also take care of my coffee, without me knowing and while seamlessly slipping out of the store before I got up to the register. Naturally, I was surprised when the barista told me that my caramel macchiato had already been taken care of. I then paid for the person behind me, and overheard that person then pay for the person behind them.

You see, from this one woman's sweet gesture, a chain of good was started. A chain that I hope kept going until the store closed that night, but even seeing just 3 or 4 strangers be nice to each other made my day. So much so, that when a girlfriend of mine wasn't having that great of a day last week, I had her come over to chat and discuss what was going on in her life. The good deed bug had bit me, and now I was carrying it over into my personal life. We sat on my balcony, sipped on coffees and IZZE Sparking Waters (the perfect girly powwow drink btw), and talked about our plans, our lives, our goals, and dug deep into the world of #GirlLifeInTheCity.

I guess what I'm really trying to do here is encourage you to go out there and be a beautiful person today. Hold a door, buy someone a coffee if you can, smile at your neighbor, and just try and keep paying it forward. You never know who's day you'll be changing.

xo Mel

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