Food and the City: Ronkonkoma, NY: Phayathai Thai Yum

October 22, 2015

Ronkonkoma, NY: Phayathai Thai

Today's post comes from Food and the City contributor Krystal G of Ronkonkoma, NY!

After trying multiple Thai restaurants, none of them being as appetizing as Phayathai. 

Located in Ronkonkoma, NY, Phayathai serves multiple authentic Thai dishes that are reasonably priced. The atmosphere is casual while the service is impeccable. After, becoming a loyal customer, the staff there will know you on a first name basis and remember your usual order, making me welcomed and coming back for more. 

“Hi, Krystal do you need a menu this time?” is what I hear every time I go in by the staff that works that. Yes, I know I am completely pathetic and probably do memorize the menu but I always ask for one anyway.

I’m total Thai food fanatic and I usually go to Phayathai every two weeks when I'm on Long Island.
I try to switch up my order as much as possible but because I also love my food overly spicy I usually leads me to stay towards curry side of the menu. Probably tried every type of curry they offer on the menu but my favorite has to be red curry with chicken. This dish includes a curry sauce with spicy seasoning, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, basil and coconut milk with your choice of meat, tofu or seafood. The curry dishes here are largely portioned and averaging to $10.95 - $15.95. 

The best part about Phayathai is that it is also a take-out restaurant because what’s better than Netflix and some curry with a Thai iced tea? 


To get a whole look at the menu, directions or place a take-out order visit Phayathai's website. 

Tweet me @KrystalG_ with your thoughts on Phayathai, would love to hear all about your experience!

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