Food and the City: METS FEVER: Where To EAT In Style In NYC RIGHT NOW! Yum

October 28, 2015


It's been 15 years since The Mets have been to the World Series. FIFTEEN YEARS. Fifteen years ago I was 9 years old. Fifteen years ago we had no idea what Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram was. Fifteen years ago we were just getting over our fears of Y2K. Fifteen years ago, Friends, Sex and the City, Fraiser, and Everybody Loves Raymond were still making new episodes.

Fifteen years ago. That's a looooong time, so it's no surprise that New York has a case of #Mets fever. I myself am an avid Yankee fan, and even I'm super excited for The Mets. It is still New York City, after all. That being said, here are 3 spots where you can also get into the spirit RIGHT NOW:

The Bagel Store, Brooklyn: Over at one of Brooklyn's famed bagel shops, you can get a blue and orange spiral bagel stuffed with your favorite cream cheese in celebration of The Mets returning to the World Series. Not only is The Bagel Store one of the best bagels in NYC, now you can show your baseball pride with this festive circle of carbs.

GG's NYC, West Village: Take me out to the balllllll game, take me out with the crowwwwwd. Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack- sundaes? YES. GG's is now offering a special Mets themed sundae featuring fudge brownies, ice cream, crackerjacks, and hot fudge. Run, don't walk, to home plate with this in your mouth.

Magnolia Bakery, multiple locations: Famously known for having some of the best cupcakes in NYC, and more famously known for being the treat of choice by the ladies of Sex and the City, you can now shove a Mets themed cupcake into your face when you visit your local Magnolia Bakery in NYC. What's better than watching the game? Watching the game with a box of sugar loaded goodness.

Good luck, Mets!