Food and the City: 10 Boozy Cocktails To Make This Fall Yum

September 18, 2015

10 Boozy Cocktails To Make This Fall

HELLO. It's fall. Not actually, but almost. Almost enough that I can already feel it in my bones and can already taste apple cider everything in my mouth. Perhaps that's because I've already started consuming any and every apple cider flavored concoction that I can get my hands on.

Which brings me to my next point: why are apple cider lattes not a thing? Why does pumpkin get all of the attention? Has anyone considered the possible magic that apple cider lattes can create?

Just me? Ok then.

Anyway - there are a few cocktails on this list that I certainly plan to curl up with while rocking fuzzy socks and a bad Netflix addiction. I figured since A) it's basically fall and B) It's the weekend, what better thing to talk about than boozy fall cocktails?

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by Mel Rose at Mode
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