Food and the City: REVIEW: Love with Food Yum

August 27, 2015

REVIEW: Love with Food

If you're not yet familiar with Love with Food, it's a monthly subscription based service that introduces you to new organic snacks that you maybe otherwise wouldn't look twice at. I've found some of my favorite goodies this way, because my mind is usually programed to only grab things that I know. Love with Food helps your beautiful brain step outside of the familiar, and into the new.

Another outstanding note to make about Love with Food, is that for every box they sell, they donate two meals to various charities, helping to fight child hunger. An issue that is far too common in this country. I thought that was really amazing of them, and it made me enjoy my experience with Love with Food even more.

Also, can we talk about the picture above??? ALL THOSE SNACKS. Give me all the snacks. All the snacks in the word. But especially, give me all the snacks in this months box that was delivered. I was actually floored to open it up and see this quantity of items. I legitimately do not have to go grocery shopping for the next week.

Overall, Love with Food is a subscription service that wins at what they are doing. They're packing quality items in their boxes, and not little samples like most of these companies do. I was highly pleased with my experience, and was really pumped to share it with you.

Love with Food starts at just $7.99 a month, which to me is a steal, so be sure to sign up and get your first box ASAP. We can chat and snack all about it. 

Also, because they are awesome - Love with Food is giving all Food and the City readers $4 off of their first tasting box, and $12 (!!) off of their Gluten Free box! So click here to claim the deal, as it will expire on 9/30/15!

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