Food and the City: Serving Summer on the Rocks Yum

July 29, 2015

Serving Summer on the Rocks

Sponsored by Wild Turkey American Honey via Mode Media. 
It should go without saying that New York City in the summer is like nowhere else on this planet. Ok - maybe not the planet - but this little city is definitely special this time of year. Being an island, there are so many waterfront restaurants, bars, activities, and now - free concerts.

I was invited to come hang out with Wild Turkey American Honey at their VIP lounge that they had set up at the Hudson RiverRocks stage over at Pier 84. They were serving up delicious cocktails, featuring their standout whiskey, in adorable mason jars which made it all the more fun. 

If I had to draw up what a quintessential summer night in NYC would be, that most certainly would be it. Cocktails and music on the water? What else can you ask for? The weather was perfect, the musicians were dope, and the whiskey.. well.. do I really need to even say it?

There's one more free concert in the series on August 6th, so if you're in the city, be sure to stop by and jam out to some good vibes.

American Honey is the original honey bourbon, made with real honey and real bourbon. Serve up your Summer with American Honey! Follow American Honey on Facebook.

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