Food and the City: #MELEATSNYC: June/July 15' Yum

July 15, 2015

#MELEATSNYC: June/July 15'

Remember that time I was super responsible and updated my blog religiously and totally didn't abandon you guys without any explanation at all? I think I'm having one of those epiphanies where the person wakes up and realizes, "Oh right, that blog thing was fun. I should probably continue to do it." Except most epiphanies have zero to do with writing a blog and more so to do with real life, grown up things, like mortgages and school districts and stuff.

This isn't that type of blog. This blog is about a girl who can't even remember to water the basil plant that she didn't even harvest this year that she so desperately wanted to do but didn't because lol and then she writes run on sentences that make no sense but hopes people understand where she's getting at in between all the ramble. I'm glad you haven't hit the exit button yet.

But, ah. #MELEATSNYC. An instagram series I started in the beginning of the year and then stopped after a few months. Why? I have no clue why. I moved and then I forgot. Chronicles of Mel. 

Here are some things I really enjoyed shoving in my face over the past month and a half:

Maya (UES): Maya is a cute little Mexican restaurant on the Upper East Side that I have visited a few times, and few times for one reason only: BRUNCH. This place is the mecca of all meccas of brunch spots in NYC, and I cannot stress that enough. What's really in it for you is the value, at $43 a head, you get ALL YOU CAN ORDER FOOD AND DRINKS. Most places offer bottomless mimosas, but Maya takes it up a notch and not only offers you bottomless margaritas on top of the bottomless mimosas, but also bottomless tapas items from their very extensive menu. Now, it should be noted that on any given brunch date you probably wouldn't even eat that much food, but the fact that you can is it what holds the anchor far down in my heart for Maya. (p.s the photo at the beginning of this post is also from Maya, in which I was already elbows deep in margs and quinoa salads.)

Loreley (LES): Okay, so, Loreley is more of a beer garden then it is anything else, but it's one of those beer gardens that actually has really good German food. I've been to this location a couple of times, and their outdoor garden remains a decent spot to chill and chug a brew in the absurd NYC heat. The pretzels, which are obviously shown above, are not to be skipped as they are perfectly doughy on the inside and crisp on the outside. That's the actual formula to a good pretzel, incase you didn't know. (I have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Quality Italian (MIDTOWN): My God, if only I had a better picture of this masterpiece. But as the title goes, this is instaeats, so all photos are taken with el iPhone before diving face first into the food we're admiring. This. THIS YOU GUYS. Part of me has zero words that I can put into a sentence that makes sense while talking about this chicken parmigiana at Quality Italian. Also, I would bet half of my lifesavings that you originally thought that that is a photo of a pizza. Wrong. It's their chicken parmigiana for two. Sliced and served like a medium-sized pizza would be from any pizza joint across the city. It's beautiful. It's wonderful. It's like something you've never tried before. Please go there immediately.

El Luchador (FiDi): We need to talk about tacos for a minute, and how I never used to like them until recently. I know, I know, wtf Mel? How have I gone my whole life, not to mention in a city with some of the best tacos available, without liking these tortilla angels? I have no idea, honestly. But, I'm happy to report that I am now a taco loving machine, and these, well these chicken tacos from El Luchador have now set the bar so high for other places, it ain't even funny. El Luchador is situated in a teeny little shop that's on a corner tucked away in the Financial District. I believe they're fairly new, albeit not a secret in the slightest. They're quickly becoming a favorite downtown spot, and by right.

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