Food and the City: Summer Tote Essentials Yum

June 25, 2015

Summer Tote Essentials

You know what's one thing I really love about summer? Tote bags. I really, really love summery tote bags. It may seem like something so small and so insignificant, but give me a fun tote bag to haul around the city and I'm game. It's that easy-breezy fashion after all.

Today, with our friends at IZZE, I'm showing you what I carry around in my summer tote, whether it's to catch some rays in Central Park, or taking a weekend road trip out of the city. Here are a few of my essentials.

Shop the tote:

1) A sketch book for when I'm lounging and feeling a little creative. I love jotting down blog or video ideas whenever they come to me. Also helpful, iPhone notes. 

2) Sunnies, because obviously. These Celine ones have been stuck to my face for a few weeks now, and I just love the square shape to them.

3) A flower crown, because that's a beach essential for me. There's something I love about wearing a colorful flower crown on a sunny beach. Some may call this basic, I call this inviting.

4) A nail polish for touch-ups, etc. Especially if you're heading to a bar or such after a day at the beach. The sand and salt water break your polish down so bad, it's always good to have your color on you to fix up your toe'sies.

5) IZZE Sparkling Blackberry, because it's my new summer staple. I have yet to find another fizzy/fruity beverage with only 90 calories that taste just as good as this line of beverages.

6) A hair cream/spritzer to fix up your tousled waves. This Dove one adds a little life back into my hair after a day in the sun, even if that's just me running Uptown to Downtown running errands.

7) Bliss Foot Patrol is a lifesaver in the summer for all of the cute sandals you want to wear. It legit makes your feeties feel like you just got a pedicure, and for that, I always have this product in my summer tote.

8) Urban Decay NAKED Beauty Balm. Essentially a tinted moisturizer with SPF that is awesome to use on your face if you don't feel like wearing makeup. It's hot, it's humid, it's not a makeup day. BB cream has saved my life.

What's in your summer tote? 
As always, thank you to Food and the City's most recent sponsor, IZZE, for making this post possible!

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