Food and the City: INSTAEATS: February

February 23, 2015


OMG, you guys. February was so fat. Like so, so, so fat. But also so delicious. It was New York Fashion Week so I basically ate out every night and then woke up with a hangover and ordered pizza. I was a monster. Here are the top 5 things I assaulted my face with this month via grainy Instagram photos:

1) Underground Pizza

I've been on the hunt to find good pizza down in the Financial District. Like, I've been making it my job. That neighborhood was seriously lacking a decent slice of heaven up until I found this gem. During the huge snowstorm that we were supposed to get but didn't actually get because lol science, I ordered a sicilian pie to keep me from starving to death just incase I couldn't leave my apartment. It was the only pizzeria that was still delivering, so I gave it a shot. OMG, guys. Hands down one of the best sicilian slices that I've had in awhile, if not ever. Seriously. Go down there and get one NOW.

2) Trading Post

This place is a hidden gem. Like, actually hidden. It took me forever to find it because it's at the end of an empty block near the FDR drive where nobody goes ever. Except inside here, because everyone was there. I went on a Friday evening and it was p a c k e d. We ordered fries, the margherita flatbread, and the quinoa salad. Also, a bottle of Sancerre because of course. Everything was the, and their quinoa salad is what made me actually not hate quinoa so much anymore. 

3) Paris Cafe

Sooooooooo. I've been craving these banana walnut pancakes from the Paris Cafe ever since I walked out of the place two weeks ago. Three gigantic, fluffy, freshly made pancakes stuffed with bananas and walnuts. I really don't know what else I can say besides go here for brunch immediately.

4) Ryan Maguire's Ale House

Honestly, I love pubs. I love a plate of fries and a beer the size of my head. Ryan Maguire's is one of those places that you wouldn't except to have amazing food, but oh yassss they do. I contemplated including this, as I really did just have a plate of fries, but they made a serious impact on my life so I had to share. They are hand-cut, made fresh, and are fried to perfection. What more can you ask for in a fry? Also, side note: their BBQ sauce is off the chain but I'm sure we just have Restaurant Depot to thank for that.

5) Artichoke Pizza

For a long time, I thought Artichoke Pizza was very overrated. I went there a few times years ago, and always ordered what they were famous for: their artichoke slice. I wrote them off as just ok, and never went back. Recently, as in Valentine's Day with my fellow single best friend, I found myself back there again. What I didn't realize all those times that I ate there and was mildly impressed, was that I wasn't ordering the right thing. Their margherita slice is EVERYTHING. Literally, everything. The perfect crisp, the perfect flavor, it's everything a margherita slice should be, and I am so happy that I gave this place another chance. If you've been there before for their artichoke slice, and like me, wasn't super impressed, please give their marg a shot. I promise you'll hate me for introducing you to your new favorite carb.

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