Food and the City: NYC REVIEW: Boqueria Yum

February 26, 2015

NYC REVIEW: Boqueria

GUYS. I've been meaning to talk to you about this place for the last couple of months. I didn't want to include it in any of our monthly #MELINSTAEATS because, well, they need to be spoken about all on their own. So on behalf of citizenMag, let's talk Boqueria. Please, listen as carefully as you possibly can. You need to never leave there go there immediately.

A friend of mine and myself came across this place by word of mouth, and we seriously have never looked back. We're both foodies, and we're both into trying out different things and giving new places a shot. From the first sip of my Shishito Margarita I knew right away that I had found my new favorite place. Yes - that's pepper infused tequila perfectly crafted into the greatest spicy margarita that I have ever had.

So what are my picks on the menu? I like to keep it simple. A few different tapas dishes to get a taste for a few different flavors. Pictured above are their mushroom Croquetas Cremosas, which are creamy, delicate, perfectly fried mushroom croquettes, that are something you've never tasted before. The menu doesn't give too much detail as to the ingredients, but they have a savory flare to them. I also want to note that a typical order of these is 3 mushroom croquettes, and 3 ham croquettes. I, however, am not a fan of ham, and they always substitute it out for me. Why? Because they are the freaking best.

My other two favorite dishes on their menu are the Patatas Bravas, which are exactly what you think they are: crispy potatoes, and the Roasted Cauliflower dish which is an off-menu item. The Patatas Bravas are topped with a garlic allioli, with a spicy salsa type sauce underneath, while the roasted cauliflower has a kick that is subsided by lemon. Seriously amazing. I actually want to smother myself with the spicy underneath sauce. 

If you have the chance, please stop by Boqueria, and tell em' I sent ya. They won't give you anything for it, but like, help a sista out you know?

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