Food and the City: Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas Yum

December 22, 2014

Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas

Christmas is just a few days away! How exactly did that happen again? How did the holiday season just fly by so quickly that I'm still full from Thanksgiving dinner? Next comes New Years Eve, then before we know it it will be Valentines Day, and heck I guess that means it's basically Memorial Day so bring on the BBQ?

Anyway, seeing as you have about 48 hours before Christmas smacks you in the face, and the shopping lines at the mall are for sure out of hand as we speak, why not make a few gifts? Like this adorable DIY brownie mix in a jar from heygorg!

Or what about some homemade lip scrub by a little glass box?

Don't forget about my yummy mulled wine recipe for all your wino friends. Aka everyone.


And then lets talk about how everything over at a beautiful mess is just adorable. Including that DIY glitter dish and this DIY his & her coffee lovers basket!

Who doesn't want a chalkboard painted mug? This one by wit & whistle is caa-ute!

How about some DIY coffee liqueur by man made diy for your friends and family that like a little kick in their morning coffee? 

The man in your life definitely needs this gentleman's survival kit!

Last, but not least, if you know somebody who just got their own place, they'll definitely be needing some glitter encrusted magnets!

Happy DIY'ing!
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