Food and the City: DIY Gold Shabby Chic Frame Makeover Yum

November 07, 2014

DIY Gold Shabby Chic Frame Makeover

We got crafty the other day, and that, my friends, doesn't happen very often. Give us a bag of mozzarella, or a cart full of different whiskeys, and we'll know what to do with them immediately. But, hand us a paint brush or some acrylic and you've officially started speaking Japanese.

Want to know how we did it?

I recently found out about this spray paint while stalking Pinterest one night, and while I don't have the original source that I found it on, I do know that so many people use this. So our source is the universe, because everyone in the universe knew about it but us.

Ready for the easiest DIY ever?

Yup. All done. That's it! Really. How disappointed are you? We are so lame.

One coat of this stuff and you have an opaque, metallic-gold finish that looks like it came straight from an antique store. (P.s, just do me a solid and ignore that little section of blue poking out that I didn't see until after shooting the pictures because I'm the best blogger ever and we don't have to talk about it okay?)

Here's a little video tutorial for you, incase you don't know how to hold down a nozzle and just let something dry.

That's all, folks.

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