Food and the City: GIVEAWAY: NESCAFÉ® + Coffeee-mate Just Blew Our Minds Yum

October 01, 2014

GIVEAWAY: NESCAFÉ® + Coffeee-mate Just Blew Our Minds

It's no secret that we're huge coffee drinker over here at Food and the City. Actually, we might be coffees biggest fan. Know what else we're big fans of? Convenience. Yup.. money and time savers that leave extra wiggle room for buying more shoes. We seek justification in anything, friends.

We got our hands on the new line of NESCAFÉ® + Coffeee-mate creamers and just.. wow. These 2 in 1 babies are the perfect addition to your morning coffee (and afternoon coffee, but we digress) because they are just that! 2 IN 1! Meaning, you only have to buy 1 product to enjoy the delicious benefits of 2. See where we're going with this? More shoe money. It's a win win.

Speaking of wins, one of you lucky folks will win a two week supply of the creamers, which come in Original, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut, complements of today's wonderful sponsor, Nestlé. To enter, all you have to do is tweet us and let us know what other foods you think would be better together! Be it chocolate-peanut butter pizza, or apple pie tacos, let us know! 

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Giveaway will rum from 10/1-10/8. Good luck, and thank you Nestlé!
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