Food and the City: 6 Ways To Seamlessly Be A Kitchenista Yum

October 30, 2014

6 Ways To Seamlessly Be A Kitchenista

In a city where having an apartment with real, human appropriate square footage is few and far between, sometimes improvising is all you can do. I myself have taken a few cues from our beloved Carrie Bradshaw, and while we don't keep our heels in the oven (c'mon, we love pizza too much), we may just be keeping them in other unsuspecting places.

Here are a few kitchen/closet hacks to try out for when you finally realize your kitchen can be used for things besides cooking.

1) Jewelry hidden in a bowl.

One of my favorite ways to use my kitchen for the greater fashion good is keeping a bowl in my pantry that holds my everyday jewelry. I have to pass my kitchen in order to leave my place, so having that secret stash of jewels is a great way to remind me not to leave without my watch. It's also a great hack to have when on your way out, you realize you have on one too many bangles. As Coco Chanel taught us, always remove one accessory before leaving the house!

2) Off-season shoes in your dishwasher.

I never use my dishwasher. Literally, never, and if you have one in your tiny NYC place, I doubt you do either.
It can add up to be another pricey expense and I'd rather give my arms a little extra workout scrubbing away burnt cheese than just tossing em' into the dishwasher. Because of this, I like to keep my off-season shoes in there. Boots in the summer, sandals in the winter, etc etc. 

3) Face scrubs/creams in the refrigerator.

Maybe it's that I love the cooling feeling of applying a cold scrub to my face, or maybe it's that I have zero room in my bathroom for more stuff. I like to keep some of my face scrubs and face creams in the fridge (right next to the sangria, of course) to save some space and to make them feel a little more luxurious. 

4) Handbags in the pantry.

You know how you know that you have too many handbags? They no longer fit in your designated handbag spot, and have now leaked into your pantry. If you have an extra shelf, why not utilize it with your investment pieces?

5) Shoes in the pantry.

You don't have too many shoes, you just don't have enough space. Similar to your handbags, why not utilize extra kitchen space for your shoes? A kitchen pantry is typically made for keeping your goods cool and dry, which is perfect for storing shoes and other leather items!

6) Hair tools with your kitchen tools.

I have a huge drawer in one of my cabinets that I keep my tools in. Yes, all of my tools. I usually have my curling iron and flat iron wrapped in a velvety bag, but for the sake of the picture, I took them out to show you just how crazy I am. There are only so many wooden spoons and neon colored sets of tongs that I need, and cutting back on the kitchen tools leaves room for my beloved beauty tools.

Thanks to Seamless, you're able to use your kitchen for the greater fashion good without worrying about starving to death because you no longer have room for food. You can search for restaurants in your area and have your food delivered right to your door without ever having to speak to a human being. If that isn't perfect (and perfectly New York), then I don't know what is.

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