Food and the City: Labor Day BBQ Ideas + Orange Smirnoff Spritzer Recipe! Yum

August 25, 2014

Labor Day BBQ Ideas + Orange Smirnoff Spritzer Recipe!

Just as we did for the 4th of July, here's a quick roundup of some great recipes to whip up for your guests this Labor Day, besides the usual culprits. These are also really great to make during the week for you and your family, seeing as the upcoming school year is poking its nose in our faces!

Our cocktail of choice? This amazing Orange Smirnoff Spritzer! It has been our favorite drink to sip on this whole summer, so it only seems right to end the season with one last one! 

Orange Smirnoff Spritzer 

makes 2:
1 11oz bottle of Smirnoff Ice Original
1oz (2 tablespoons) Orange Liqueur of choice (Aperol is our favorite)
1/2oz (1 tablespoon) Pellegrino Mineral Water
1 cup Ice
Oranges for garnish

Combined all ingredients besides your oranges in a blender, and blend until ice is crushed and drink is frothy. Divide, pour into rocks glasses, garnish with some orange slices and enjoy! 

Smirnoff Ice celebrates the absurdly awesome.