Food and the City: 5 Reaons Why You're Awesome Yum

April 22, 2014

5 Reaons Why You're Awesome

Hey you! You’re pretty effin’ awesome, keep that sh!t up. Seriously. 

1) You’re unique. And we don’t mean it in a corny “you’re unique because you’re so creative” type of way. We mean it in a literal “there will never be another you” type of way. Ever. Out of 7,000,000,000 people, and for the rest of existence, there will never be another you. What the what. You’re like a limited edition human. 

2) Hot damn. You’re smokin’. My goodness. Would ya just look at you! Is that a new hair cut? You are fine. I would say your confidence is totally flowing out of your pores, but geez, you have no pores! Look at that face. And your hair? Forget it. You are just a hot tamale, and by the way, your outfit looks really pretty today.

3) You’re not single. You’re just too awesome to handle. And that’s all there is to be said about that.

4) Because you just are. No, for real. LOOK AT YOU! You’ve gone through trauma, heartbreak, loss, and not to mention that mortifying awkward phase you experienced when you were 13. But look! Here you are still dusting yourself off and making stuff happen. What! You go, motherpucker. You’re awesome.

5) You were alive to read this post. Just think about the fragility of life for a second. Think about how many people went to sleep last night, but didn’t wake up this morning. Not to sound macabre, but just think about it. You woke up. You’re breathing. And that is awesome.

Now - on with your bad self.

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