Food and the City: DIY: Frozen Yogurt Cubes Yum

March 25, 2014

DIY: Frozen Yogurt Cubes

Want to know the secret to extra creamy, extra delicious smoothies? Frozen yogurt cubes! They're so easy to make, and really make a difference in those homemade smoothies you might be making every morning.  

All you need is a container or your favorite yogurt (we just used some Danon nonfat vanilla yogurt since its what we had on hand!), and an ice cube tray or mold of choice!

Just simple scoop your yogurt into the tray, freeze them over night, and voila! Frozen yogurt cubes! Pop em' in your blender along with the other ingredients for your smoothie for that extra wow factor! We typically use 2-3 cubes per smoothie, so a whole tray should last you the work week!

Why not try it out? :P