Food and the City: gifts for her | besties, sisters, mommas, etc! Yum

December 04, 2013

gifts for her | besties, sisters, mommas, etc!

Does anyone else love Christmas shopping as much as me? I seriously love it. Something about finding thee-perfect-gift for your friends or family is crazy satisfying. Maybe its all the spiked eggnog that I'm consuming?

Could be. However, I'll never deny that I love buying gifts. Seeing how happy even the smallest gift can make someone is one of life's little pleasures. And I pleasure I love to indulge in.

p.s - I'll have a few more "gifts for..." lists coming (for men, for the new cook, etc), so stay tuned!
pp.s - You can view a few more of my gift picks here!

Happy shopping! xo M
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