Food and the City: 2 ways to layer this week Yum

December 03, 2013

2 ways to layer this week

Layering your outfit can be a bit intimidated if you're not sure where to start. Patterns, colors, furs, oh my. For today's Target Style post, we'll be tackling layering, and how you should incorporate it into your outfits this week!

shown above: watch | boots | top | vest | bag | jeans

1) Simple layering. Pick a bold pattern, such as stripes, and pair it with a fun, solid faux fur vest. Think of stripes as your neutral piece and the vest as your stand out item. Vests (and even blazers!) are the perfect addition if you're not too comfortable in patterns. I know for me, stripes don't always make me feel fabulous. But when I add a vest or blazer on top of it, I automatically feel more comfortable! 

To finish the out off, dd in some dark jeans and matching accessories and you've got yourself an adorably layered outfit perfect for day - night!

show above: leggings | jacket | sweater | blouse | boots

2) Layers on layers. Probably the more difficult side of layering is layering on top of layering. A lot of women are afraid that by doing this, they'll appear bigger, and so they stay away from it. The trick is to choose tops with different necklines, and even different sleeve lengths! I love pairing bold button up shirts with plain round neck sweaters. Its an adorable way to play with patterns/textures. Roll up the sleeves of your sweater, and pull through the collar from underneath to show off your fun pattern! 

When it comes to the second layer, keep the jacker or coat simple. Something that shows off your personality, but keep colors and patterns to a minimum. Black bombers are perfect for this outfit occasion!

So there you go! Its much easier to layer than you may have thought. Have fun with it, because no matter what your gorgeous self wears.. you will rock it! xo M

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.  However, all opinions are those of my own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that make Food and the City possible! :)

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