Food and the City: first look: urban decay naked 3 palette Yum

November 19, 2013

first look: urban decay naked 3 palette


ITS REAL GUYS ITS REAL! How exciting right? After many months of speculation surrounding some photos that were leaked on Instagram, it is finally here!

Well.. sort of. Not officially until the end of the month, but I was given one to show you all and I'm very - very excited to do so.

Much like the first two Naked's, this is the perfect palette for the nude eyeshadow lover. However, one thing I love about Naked3, is that all the shades aren't practically identical to those in Naked1 and Naked2. Which a lot of people had an issue with when Naked2 first came out. 

I personally feel that this is the only Naked palette that you would need since the colors are just so beautiful. Perfect shades for day time, perfect shades for night time. You have the best of both worlds plus more in this palette. 

The few colors that I did have the chance to swatch, are incredibly pigmented and I can't wait to do it up on a night out with this baby!

Here is a more detailed review of the palette, as well as a swatch of each color! Enjoy! x M