Food and the City: tory burch {friends + family sale} Yum

October 07, 2013

tory burch {friends + family sale}

Did you also find out about the Tory Burch friends + family sale like a hot minute ago? Maybe you were in bed last night, roughly around 1:30 am, online shopping and just happened to stumble upon it? Maybe you even accidentally bought that reva clutch you've been wanting and maybe you also threw in a new phone case for good measure? I'd totally understand.

I'd also totally understand if you completely skipped your lunch break today to sit in front of the computer and shop this sale before its over. As in.. tonight at 12am. Its o-v-e-r. We had all of 5 seconds (even though I think its been going on for a couple of days *_*) to get it together and make a purchase, so pull out that card and buy those shoes you've been wanting. Its like.. a Columbus Day present to yourself. We need no major holiday here.

Use code: FRIENDS for 25% OFF at checkout on the tory burch website, or departments stores, such as Nordstroms, already have the sale prices up. P.S - I really did score that reva clutch for almost $100 off the original price! Boo-freakin-ya!

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* happy birthday debo! he is two today! {his 1st birthday party, here}
* i finally put up the headboard thats box I've been staring at for weeks. Its from Target, I love it!

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