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October 08, 2013

DIY decor: glitter pumpkins

Lets get one thing straight. Two of my favorite things to ever exist are glitter and the season of Fall. Glitter being because you know I'm overly obnoxious, and fall being because I really, really, really like apples. And pumpkin spice. And scarves, and jackets, and everything else that comes with Fall.

Two things happened the other day. Two things that happened that required glitter to come rescue me. 1) It rained, and 2) I found out the ending to Breaking Bad while I'm still only on the third season. Do you know what that sort of thing does to a persons head? Why oh why oh why are people posting the ending e v e r y w h e r e? I get it ended, like, a week ago.. but hey! In this day in age we have Netflix, and that basically gives people the excuse to not be caught up on a show, since on any given day you can be like !!!! I think I'm going to start watching Scandal today. Or maybe I'll watch reruns of I love Lucy? Or maybe I'll just sit here and sift through the documentary section and then be convinced aliens are going to abduct me?

W h a t e v e r.

So yea, if you can't tell, I really needed to glitter-fy something the other day. I probably also needed a slice of pizza and to hit the loto, but glitter-fying something sufficed. 

I chose a pumpkin.

glitter-fying pumpkins! bring some fall to your space!

you'll need:
mod podge
paint brush 
towel or another surface you don't mind being assaulted with glitter

Lay out your towel, and place all other supplies on top. Brush some mod podge onto your pumpkin using a paint brush and sprinkle with glitter, holding it over the bowl to catch any excess. Note: there will be a lot of excess. Continue around the entire pumpkin until the whole surface is covered. I missed a few spots, but thats okay. I think it gives it sort of a rustic, 'I've been sitting in the basement since last Fall', feel. 

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