Food and the City: baileys hot chocolate

October 03, 2013

baileys hot chocolate

Can we talk about something for a sec? Something totally serious, totally important and totally life changing?

Baileys in hot chocolate.

I attended an adorable event the other day, hosted by Baileys, to showcase Bailey's new flavor - Vanilla Cinnamon. There were cocktails, desserts, a photo booth, and get this... a "create your own shot" station. Thats me looking like a doofus totally amazed by cinnamon sugar. Or maybe it was the 3 shots I had? Who knows. What I do know is that Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon is like.. my new favorite thing ever.

Not to be confused with all of my previous 'new favorite things ever' or my future 'new favorite things ever', that is. Seriously - this stuff is so yummy, the next day I haaaaaad to play with it and create cocktails at 9 in the morning.

Just kidding. It was 10.

Oh and p.s - this will probably be the only thing you drink for the rest of fall and winter. Hot coco meets booze meets happy times. Serve it up as an after dinner drink / dessert to your friends and enjoy!

baileys hot chocolate 

makes 1 mug

1/4 cup Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon
1/2 cup Hot Chocolate, prepared already
2 tablespoons whipped cream
cinnamon for garnish

Prepare your hot chocolate, then add in your baileys. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle on some cinnamon! You can serve this warm or chilled, it really just matters on your preference! I tried both ways and they were both delish!