Food and the City: football food! {recipes for football season} Yum

September 07, 2013

football food! {recipes for football season}

Its that time of the year again! Football is back and so is your indigestion! Time to call out of work on Monday because you're still in a food coma from Sunday. Its okaaaaay, okay?

Heres a list of some recipes I have up on here that I think would be 'oh so good' to make on any given game day. Make em for a crew, make em for you. No judging here.

Warning: its mainly pizza. Obviously.

bubble up pizza bread

the best buffalo wings, ever

margherita pastry pizza

pico de gallo

french bread pizza's

bbq chicken lettuce wrap egg rolls

caramelized beer bacon

sriracha mac n' cheese

butternut squash & bacon mac n' cheese

steak strips

bacon wrapped sausage

low fat baked ziti

sriracha pizza

loaded cheese fries

bbq chicken pizza

chicken pizza rolls

tomato mozzarella crostinis

cheesy herb bread sticks

roasted tomato + spinach pizza

pasta pizza

*this list will be updated throughout time, so please bookmark it to have on hand!

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